Oh I know the White Stuff well

La neige.  Snowflakes.  White, powdery weaponry.

For anyone who has never seen, touched, or stepped in or through it, I understand how alluring and attractive can be the idea of snow.  Whether just a sprinkle or a smothering of the stuff, it certainly is a gem for the eyes.   I spent the first dozen years of my existence in Marietta, GA.  I recall two very substantial snowfalls.  Snow actually isn’t so rare a sight in Atlanta.  Anyone who has lived here for more than five consecutive years during the 80s and 90s may recall freezing rain over snow, but as the AJC reminisces, the capital city of the Peach State gets her fair spread of it.  Jeffrey Scott’s article mentions January of 1982 and 1983, a “Blizzard of ’93,” an ice storm in January of 2000, and a great snow event in 1973.  I wasn’t alive in 1973, but I do remember the other years.  We lost power in the 2000 ice storm.  Emory University still operated as usual.


Snows of the 80s (I don’t know which year these pix represent; it was probably the one from 83 when I was two years-old):

Click here for another view.

Click here for a slightly larger view.


Snow from 1993 (last year of living in Marietta, I think):

The snow that flanked the back sides of our house was very deep.  Click here for another view.


Atlanta saw snow in the late 20th and early 21st centuries too.  As for Snow 2010 ( yes, I know I’m a dork):

I may not be as resourceful an opponent against the white stuff as someone from Boston, Chicago, the Swiss Alps, Hokkaido, Japan, or the Nordic countries, but the concept and reality of snow has been adequately demythologized for me.

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