Daily Archives: January 11, 2010

Off Topic: Today’s Verse 35


Your eyes, your eyes,
they sell me neat, brittle candy pies
I once coaxed your veneration
into a 12 oz cup of soul
impromptu rhythmic hues
across a sandy desert

Yearning cries
like a baby balloon
too precocious to stay behind,
fully germinate
into something plentiful

Stay with Ming
be my Englishman from New Orleans
minus the plastic beads
from a sweaty forehead

Your eyes, your eyes,
they tell me on repeat, little coconut dives
broken because she’s gone
remnants too degraded to compete
for another stolen glance

that you make with your sweet little eyes.

–yiqi 11 jan 2010 6:37 pm


There was a water main break at Lenox Mall last night.  I went there to take a walk today after work and discovered that all of the stores from Bloomingdales to the JW Marriot corridor were closed.  The rest of the mall was fine, though.  It was a strange sight.