Off Topic: Stoneyfield GaGa

Woke up must past noon on MLK Jr. Day.  Purchased some Stonyfield Vanilla Fudge Swirl frozen yogurt and GaGa orange sherbet.  Watch me consume some of it while listening to “Go Back“* by K-hip-hop group Dynamic Duo.

Silly and utterly pointless.


*The song’s Korean title is


which is pronounced “Go Baek” and means “confession.”

4 thoughts on “Off Topic: Stoneyfield GaGa

  1. Phil

    I think your video tacitly invites us, its viewers, to explore its hidden meaning. Our reactions help us also to explore and be aware of our psyche’s hidden conflicts, which, coming now into consciousness, will help us see that the face, our persona, that we present to the world is but a mask.


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