Daily Archives: January 19, 2010

News around the Sherry Block

First and foremost, go Ga Tech Yellow Jackets for beating Clemson in the basketball!

Secondly, another reason why I’m not keen on valet.  It’s not about the valets themselves–I just don’t like not having my car keys on my person if I’m the designated driver.

Aight CNN International, don’t you mean Would You Pick Your Child’s SEX?!  Gender is a learned and reinforced performance.  What it is to be a man or a woman is a series of repeated behaviors, gestures, body language, and wardrobe.*  What it is to be a male or female, on the other hand, is about anatomy not psychology.  Sex and gender are linked, yes, but just because one is born with a pianist, doesn’t mean one necessarily has to get all Marlboro and Stetson.

Fourthly, a decade of Remi Gaillard.

and for Five Schillings, I tried coconut flavored  rum for the first time today.  I’m not even sure the amount I “had” could even qualify as “tried.”  I opened the tiny bottle, poured it in a cup, and contemplated what I could add to it.  I decided to touch the tip of my mouth to it (we’re talking the space of a dime, no, half a dime).   The moment contact was made, that part of my mouth and tongue became numb instantaneously.  The lentil soup I had barely swallowed came back out into the cup.

In some cultures I would be applauded for interpreting this and other experiences with alcohol as indication that I should remain in refrain.  Serieusement.


*Anggun’s Etre Une Femme (To Be a Woman) – translated by yours truly

Being a woman, being a woman

Let my stilettos
Make me a girl
Without looking at me
Like an object

If the wind that plays
Reveals my knees
It’s never a question
Of attracting attention


Under the black of my long hair
Behind the color of my eyes
There’s someone that just wants
To be a woman, a woman
And under the design of my mouth
Behind this skin that you touch
There’s just someone that can
Be a woman, a woman

Being a woman, a woman

Let my silken wishes
Aside from you
My legs will cross
My body will move
My glamorous smiles
My perfume of the day
Are not for the intention
Of attracting attention


Under the black of my long hair
Oh someone wants
To be a woman, a woman
Under this skin
That you touch
Someone can be a woman (x3)

Let me reveal my charms and play my curves
Let me be woman, let me be strong
Let me put gloss on my lips
Let me be at the top to have the impression of being a beautiful tease
I am woman but I am not prey
This eye-liner under my eyes it’s not what you believe No
If I put it there, it’s not always in order to please you Babe
But maybe just to make you scared of losing me
I’ve had it with women who assure, women who assume, women who’ve had to affirm themselves
I always have to be reassured, I have doubts of course, but I’m not looking to attract you
Feminine, sometimes too feline won’t read between the lines, it’s all obvious and makes sense
It’s just a sign, a desire to be a girl, a desire to be free without an ulterior motive.