NFC Championship 2010: the Saints crawfish bead the Vikings

Well, the Indianapolis Colts out-shined the New York Jets in the AFC Championship game.  Which NFC team would be butting heads with the Colts at Super Bowl XLIV?  Would the Minnesota Vikings bring in the cold and mead or would the New Orleans Saints ferry over some rhythm and blues?  Televised by Fox, with commentary by Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, the Vikings went on offense first.  Running back Adrian Peterson made a touchdown at the end of this possession.  Saints running back Pierre Thomas tied the game with a TD run when his team got the ball.   Minnesota 7 and New Orleans 0.  Brett Favre connected with wide receiver Sidney Rice towards the bottom of the quarter, giving the Vikings seven more points.  Minnesota 14 and New Orleans 7.

The second quarter started with the Saints tying the game once again with a TD connection between Drew Brees and wide receiver Devery Henderson.  Minnesota 14 and New Orleans 14.  The second quarter drew to a close with the Vikings recovering a muffed punt to the ten-yard line and then Adrian Peterson losing control of the ball.

The Saints charged into the third quarter with a Pierre Thomas TD.  New Orleans 21 and Minnesota 14 (televised slow-motion replays revealed that Thomas’s left knee hit the ground before the ball crossed the goal line).  Adrian Peterson lost control of the ball on the Vikings next possession, but his teammate fullback Naufahu Tahi jumped on the ball.  With the legs and grip of tight end Visanthe Shiancoe, who moved the ball down the field, Adrian Peterson was able to put another TD on board.  New Orleans 21 and Minnesota 21.  Peterson recovered his own fumbled ball nearing the bottom of the third quarter.  Three times a lady fumble!  Minutes later, Brett Favre was intercepted by Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma.   Favre was brought down to the ground hard and had to hop off the field with a teammate on either side of him.

The top of the fourth quarter indicated ostensibly that the Vikings were getting sloppy Joey with their game-play.  There was another loose ball.  Saints defensive tackle Remi Ayodele got a hold of the ball after it rolled away from players on both teams.  Saints running back Reggie Bush managed to break the bottom right corner of the end zone for a TD.  New Orleans 28 and Minnesota 21.  Just when it seemed like Minnesota was closing the offensive gap, the ball gets away from them and Vilma nabbed it.  Luckily for the Vikings, the Saints didn’t score.  When Minnesota returned to offense, Adrian Peterson ended up breaking the plane.  New Orleans 28 and Minnesota 28.  The Vikings were playing the fourth-down-and-goal yo-yo and instead of getting his kicker to a decent yard-line, he threw an interception.  Cornerback Tracy Porter cradled that prolate spheroid like it was a free puppy.

Can we spell O-V-E-R-T-I-M-E?  The Saints won the coin toss.  Kicker Garrett Hartley’s forty-yard field goal attempt was good.  New Orleans 31 and Minnesota 28.  The New Orleans Saints are the NFC Champions and will send some rhythm and blues to Super Bowl XLIV.


Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Joe Buck wore a light gray suit, a light blue button-down shirt, and a caramel-bronze tie.  Troy Aikman wore a dark navy suit, a white button-down shirt, and a metallic gray tie.  The juxtaposition was a bit odd.

2.  Kris Allen sang the National Anthem.  I would say that Jordin Sparks did a much better job singing in the AFC Championship game.  She sang like she meant it; he belted like he didn’t want to mess up.

3.  The Vikings wore white jerseys and the Saints wore black.

4.  The Saints have a life-sized pound-puppy of a mascot.

5.  Sidney Rice did a little shoulder shake in the end zone after he made the TD catch in the first quarter.

6.  If you watched this game or have been following the Vikings in the news, then you know that Brett Favre and many of the offensive players wore ear plugs.

7.  Drew Brees launched the ball into the back right corner of the end zone in the second quarter; Devery Henderson flew to it like a bird of prey snatching up a field mouse.

8.  Vikings safety Madieu Williams’s first name is perverted French for “my god.”  “Dieu” is masculine, so “my god” should be “mon dieu.”

9.  George Bush Sr. and his wife Barbara were in attendance.  I believe the former President was wearing a dark navy suit, a white button-down shirt and a red shirt.

10. Who’s going to have the most sleepless night: Adrian Peterson, Brett Favre, Brad Childress, or Zygi Wilf?

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

11 thoughts on “NFC Championship 2010: the Saints crawfish bead the Vikings

  1. Phil

    “……George Bush Sr. and his wife Barbara were in attendance…….”

    Where was George Jnr? Holed-up with Condi somwhere? I’ve seen those headlines while waiting in supermarket checkout-lines.

  2. yidnar

    W was at the Cowboys game a bit ago. He’s probably still smarting from that loss.

    Also, the overall game stats make the game look like it should have been a lot more lopsided than it was. Turnovers though, aiee!

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Apple turnover! Wouldn’t it be great if the entire coaching staff–no, the entire cheerleading squad of an NFL team were required to eat an apple turnover every time their team fumbled the ball away?

  3. artisticphysics

    Me, being a native of Louisiana, am so proud of the Saints. After 40 years we finally made it. But as always, people are STILL underestimating the Saints once again. I’m so much trash about the Saints not being able to beat the Colts its ridiculous. People act like Manning is unbeatable. Well we had to go through 2 FUTURE HALL OF FAME QB’s to get to the Superbowl. And all Manning had to do was get passed “The NO OFFENSE” Ravens and a rookie quarterback. I don’t care what people say, THE SAINTS ARE WINNING THE SUPERBOWL THIS YEAR!

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Thanks for very much for your heartfelt comment, artisticphysics. I like Peyton Manning. I like that he shows emotions on the field. It’s pretty much the only place for an adult male to express an array of feelings without being condemned for being vulnerable or affectionate or overly dramatic.

      But, seeing Indy and New Orleans go at it for the big, glossy trophy will be more exciting because it’d be more unpredictable. For me, it would.

      1. artisticphysics

        Yeah Peyton Manning is great and he is a new orleans native BUT he already has a ring. and my boys don’t lol. this will be one the greatest superbowls that has ever been played though.

  4. sportsandalatte

    10. Who’s going to have the most sleepless night: Adrian Peterson, Brett Favre, Brad Childress, or Zygi Wilf?

    I do believe Brett Favre is still juiced from “the shot” he got on the bench after being bulldozed to the turf 85 times lol (Yep I’m convinced he got something to ‘take away the pain’ because there’s no way he should’ve been able to bounce back on the field like he did lol). That guy is superman, I tell you. Sucks that he couldn’t will his team a win. Epic game, I was quite entertained!

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Thanks for commenting, sportsandalatte. A mighty fine blog name too – makes me think of a sports cafe. Just like a sports bar, only with a selection of the best Italian espresso, gelato, and other sweets. There’d be a proper bar area, of course, but a separate room with TVs that play sports films on a loop. Remember the Titans anyone?


      In fact, your comment gave me the idea for a fairly entertaining sports film. Like the Prince and the Pauper, only the QB and the Special Agent (pro player’s identical twin brother gets food poisoning and cannot man his post at an exclusive dinner for foreign dignitaries and since QB didn’t win the conference championship game, he shan’t have to prepare for the Big Game. He only agrees to masquerade as his brother in order to make certain investigations by the IRS magically cease…and i guess you can imagine the rest of it–physical gags, will he be found out and by whom).


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