Daily Archives: January 26, 2010

Put a little Love in Your Heart

You heard ming. You can start by mapping the soul with sleight-of-hand.  I needn’t bother twisting your fate, need I?

It doesn’t take very much for a person to look up at a bright blue sky and feel nothing on a bad moment and elated on a good…only to turn back ’round, amble back to wherever a person was located and then feel that straight face or smile get pounded into a scowl.

A person must do what is necessary to keep away from the despair.

Meekakitty makes ming feel fine.  Cakes that might put you off them forever.  Headless hula girl anyone?

Debbie Reynolds pretends to be a football in this dance number from I Love You Melvin (Don Weis, 1953).


I wish I could say Mr. Edward Ferrars is a favorite, so amiable.  But his friendliness could easily be mistaken for romantic affection–nevermind that in the end, he finally admits to himself that Elinor Dashwood is far superior to Ms. Lucy Steele.  He certainly appears to be kinder than Mr. Willoughby of Allenham, though not as primordially charismatic.  I actually prefer Colonel Brandon (as portrayed by David Morrissey) out of anyone.

If I could walk through bluffs and see the lyre separate from the melody, I think time would pass by anointed by scented spirit mint sticks.  Let the prime and the odd, and the Colts stomp down those Saints, greet me at face value and never again see the dawn.