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Off Topic: Songs by which to commune and swoon

I need you to agree to bestow upon me something beautiful.  If only because I see the world outside, its grime and its whims, or  somewhere in between, and I feel as though I fell on black days.


One more last kiss, I would never beg of you.  All of your promises, promises just leave me waiting in a garden of air.  Just grant me a moonlight serenade, so that I might take back the Memphis night.


News around the Sherry Block

First and foremost, go Ga Tech Yellow Jackets for beating Clemson in the basketball!

Secondly, another reason why I’m not keen on valet.  It’s not about the valets themselves–I just don’t like not having my car keys on my person if I’m the designated driver.

Aight CNN International, don’t you mean Would You Pick Your Child’s SEX?!  Gender is a learned and reinforced performance.  What it is to be a man or a woman is a series of repeated behaviors, gestures, body language, and wardrobe.*  What it is to be a male or female, on the other hand, is about anatomy not psychology.  Sex and gender are linked, yes, but just because one is born with a pianist, doesn’t mean one necessarily has to get all Marlboro and Stetson.

Fourthly, a decade of Remi Gaillard.

and for Five Schillings, I tried coconut flavored  rum for the first time today.  I’m not even sure the amount I “had” could even qualify as “tried.”  I opened the tiny bottle, poured it in a cup, and contemplated what I could add to it.  I decided to touch the tip of my mouth to it (we’re talking the space of a dime, no, half a dime).   The moment contact was made, that part of my mouth and tongue became numb instantaneously.  The lentil soup I had barely swallowed came back out into the cup.

In some cultures I would be applauded for interpreting this and other experiences with alcohol as indication that I should remain in refrain.  Serieusement.


*Anggun’s Etre Une Femme (To Be a Woman) – translated by yours truly

Being a woman, being a woman

Let my stilettos
Make me a girl
Without looking at me
Like an object

If the wind that plays
Reveals my knees
It’s never a question
Of attracting attention


Under the black of my long hair
Behind the color of my eyes
There’s someone that just wants
To be a woman, a woman
And under the design of my mouth
Behind this skin that you touch
There’s just someone that can
Be a woman, a woman

Being a woman, a woman

Let my silken wishes
Aside from you
My legs will cross
My body will move
My glamorous smiles
My perfume of the day
Are not for the intention
Of attracting attention


Under the black of my long hair
Oh someone wants
To be a woman, a woman
Under this skin
That you touch
Someone can be a woman (x3)

Let me reveal my charms and play my curves
Let me be woman, let me be strong
Let me put gloss on my lips
Let me be at the top to have the impression of being a beautiful tease
I am woman but I am not prey
This eye-liner under my eyes it’s not what you believe No
If I put it there, it’s not always in order to please you Babe
But maybe just to make you scared of losing me
I’ve had it with women who assure, women who assume, women who’ve had to affirm themselves
I always have to be reassured, I have doubts of course, but I’m not looking to attract you
Feminine, sometimes too feline won’t read between the lines, it’s all obvious and makes sense
It’s just a sign, a desire to be a girl, a desire to be free without an ulterior motive.

NFL Playoffs 2010: the Vikings Thor up the Cowboys

Tick tock, fish stock, cake icing and port, I smell a talent show worth a hundred crowns.   Translation: the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings took turns pinning the tail on the donkey for a seat at the NFC Championship game.  Broadcast on Fox, with commentary by Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, the first quarter started with the Cowboys on offense.  Five minutes into the quarter, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo got sacked and Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams jumped on the ball.  Minnesota didn’t do much with the turnover, though.  The Cowboys elected to go with a forty-eight yard field goal, but the ball didn’t sail through the uprights.  I believe it went wide-left.  In the middle of the first quarter, neither team scored yet.  With four minutes left, though, Vikings quarterback Brett Favre threw a touchdown pass to wide receiver Sidney Rice.  Minnesota 7 and Dallas 0.

The second quarter brought the Cowboys offense down the field and into the red zone.  Romo made an excellent connection with tight end Martellus Bennett.  I’m talking two line segments traveling to a right angle, where the catch is the right angle.  Kicker Shaun Suisam didn’t miss the second FG.  Minnesota 7 and Dallas 3.  The middle of the quarter saw Brett Favre and Sidney Rice connecting again for a TD.  Minnesota 14 and Dallas 3.  A faked hand-off by Tony Romo failed as Vikings defensive end Jared Allen compelled the ball to get loose.  Linebacker Ben Leber scooped up the ball for Minnesota.  This turnover resulted in a field goal.  Minnesota 17 and Dallas 3.

The third quarter rocked down eight minutes and Shaun Suisam missed a field goal.  Jubilation filled the air as Brian Leber intercepted Tony Romo with sixty seconds left in the quarter.  A Vikings field goal commenced the fourth quarter.  Halfway through the quarter, Brett Favre and Sidney Rice got together a third time for a TD.  When there was just under two minutes left on the clock, Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe made a TD catch in the end zone.  Minnesota 34 and Dallas 3.  Final score.  The Minnesota Vikings are going to play the New Orleans Saints next week in the NFC Championship game.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Joe Buck wore a grayish-green/brown suit, a white button-down shirt, and a peculiar tie–it looked like flayed flesh.  Troy Aikman wore a navy suit, a white button-down shirt, and a humdrum burgundy tie.  They’re like Sunday’s Best Ken and Corporate Meeting Ken.

2.  The Vikings wore purple jerseys, the Cowboys white.

3.  The momentum of Sidney Rice’s first quarter TD brought him close to colliding with the Minnesota mascot.  If it was not the official mascot, then it was some middle-aged white dude in Nordic cosplay.

4.  Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards’s right knee appeared to be causing him pain in the play preceding the Cowboys’ punting the ball away  just before four minutes left in the third quarter.  In a subsequent slow-motion replay, where the camera was focused on Tony Romo post-snap, one could see Ray Edwards in the fetus position, in the foreground screen-right, with a Cowboys player looking down and reaching and arm towards him.

6.  SMOOTHIE SUDDENLY SUSAN?!  Prince, looking as lithe as ever, up in a box on the Vikings side of things?!  The telecast had side-by-side windows of him with Bud Grant.

7.  Dallas linebacker Keith Brooking went over to the Minnesota sidelines and barked some unkind things after the Visanthe Shiancoe TD.  This footage captured him in longshot with his back facing the camera.

8.  Post-game interview of Brett Favre in close-up made his face look like a piece of honey-baked ham.  “I’m kind of worn out, but it is, emotional for me…” he remarked regarding the feeling of having won.

9.  Sleep in heavenly peace, Gaines Adams.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.


Tiffany’s Umbrella Mon dieu, my good man.  Ce n’est pas foir.  Elle est tres sekshihan.   And I thought I liked Marie Digby’s cover of it.

NFL Playoffs 2010: the Colts dance all over the Ravens

Televised by CBS, the Baltimore Ravens and the Indianapolis Colts tangled cheek-to-cheek tonight in full-house Lucas Oil Stadium.  Which team would prove athletic superiority and advance to the AFC Championship game?  The Colts started the first quarter on offense.  Matt Stover threw up a field goal at the end of his team’s first possession.  Indianapolis 3 and Baltimore 0.  An illegal block in the back on the Ravens nixed what would’ve been a sixty-four yard return for running back Jalen Parmele.  Attempts to get into the end zone were no good.  The Ravens tossed up a field goal as well.  Indianapolis 3 and Baltimore 3.

The second quarter indicated how much stronger each team’s defense was compared to offense.  Near interceptions, sacks, and punts galore.  The offensive players certainly demonstrated skill, particularly with Peyton Manning’s complete passes, but with the score still 3 to 3 in the bottom of the quarter?  And, of course, moments later, Colts wide receiver Austin Collie made a touchdown catch in the left side of the end zone.  Indianapolis 10 and Baltimore 3.  The Colts insisted on trying to get into the end zone in the final seconds of the first half.  Peyton Manning threw, wide receiver Reggie Wayne caught and broke the plane ever so slightly for a TD.  Indianapolis 17 and Baltimore 3.

The third quarter was mostly dull until around six minutes when safety Ed Reed intercepted Peyton Manning but lost control of the ball halfway down the field.  Tight end Dallas Clark recovered it for the Colts.  A penalty on Ravens cornerback Corey Ivy nullified a second Ed Reed interception.  The fourth quarter started off the Colts getting another field goal.  Indianapolis 20 and Baltimore 3.  The Ravens showed some Ravens umph…until running back Ray Rice refused to be brought down and the ball got away from the crook of his left arm.  The Colts recovered it.  Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was intercepted in the bottom of the quarter.  Colts defensive back Antoine Bethea took the ball right out of its trajectory.  Another turnover took the final minute with Colts defensive back Jerraud Powers picking off Joe Flacco.  Indianapolis 20 and Baltimore 3.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf narrated the event.

2.  Damned weather interfering with the digital signal.  The broadcast was very stop-and-go in terms of audio and video for me.

3.  LaDanian Tomlinson in a white suit letting the rhythm get to him.

4.  I like this Budweiser commercial more than this one.

5.  Upon returning from the commercial break that followed Ray Rice’s ball loss, there was footage of what happened after the play.  Rice went straight to the bosom of his quarterback, who tapped him on the head as if to say, “It’s okay.”

6.  How in tarnations do the Ravens beat the Patriots a week ago and then not be able to have at least tied the Colts into the fourth quarter?

7.  Ravens head coach John Harbaugh would look so dashing in Elliot Ness garb.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.