Off Topic: Today’s Verse 36

A brief detour: I like  to play with words.

A lass pour, yo Rick!  Renewed hymn well, her ratio.  Amend oeuf  infant’s chest, oeuf moat exit lint fanzine.

Two wongs don’t make it right is not offensive–it’s just flat-out incorrect.  The truth is that two wongs don’t make a riot or make it write.

All wong, all wong, you’ve done it all wong.

We’ve given you the wong award?

But this is the wong change.

You are absolutely wong!

Love in all the wong places.

Could yoo please explain to ming how you’ve been wonged?

Yoo returned the wong DVD.

This is the wong book.

Yoo took the wong iPhone.

Here I am, my anger and ming, temper makes it hard to see this situation I’m in again, everything must come to an end now.  There’s some things that I wanna do but I don’t want to lie to yoo, but it still makes ming go and do the things I know all wong.

Yoo took the wong turn again.

And now back to your regularly scheduled blog post (a parody in the same vein as this one and this one):

Patella Nutella – Li Hana

Go after start
Four wheels on all go-carts
Main seats in private box
Dunk one from very far

Stay lean inside the park
Bacon is a la carte
I’ll bend that week-old tear
Tribune will print it there
Be smart

When the gun fires, get running faster
Cold or hot, time’s not any slower
Fake a fall for getting better
Wish to boast, ball is loose down at the ten

Proud enough to wear good leather
Own your vice, it’s worth the bother
I can feel your warm patella
I can feel your warm patella
Ella, ella, eh, eh, eh
Feel your warm patella (x3)

Breathe everything, the air has lost its gleam
Torn the start of clarity, trade in for brevity
Then the storm cooked the heart
Then the worn, glass knelt in shards
Even sanded stars, Manchester’s best sports bars
Be smart

When the buns rise, they rise no later
Cold or hot, jar’s not any bigger
Quickie mart’s around the corner
Wished for more, drawer is empty of its tins

Loud enough for Chelsea’s fans to hear
Owed a block forever after
I ran out of the Nutella
I ran out of the Nutella
Ella, ella, ella, eh, eh
Out of the Nutella (x3)

Few had spun for all ten marks
Saint Jose shone free the spark
Cuffed here to ming
Spare no expense, find Tony Stark

Sew, roll on and watch the drained floor
Aisle B is where you need to start
Be smart

repeat chorus

He’s painting
Ooh lately, he’s painting
Lately, cuffed here to ming
Cuffed here to ming.

–yiqi 4 Feb. 2010 6:25 PM

10 thoughts on “Off Topic: Today’s Verse 36

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Oh dear, and I can’t be misrepresenting my affections now, can I? Or misdirecting them.

      Misguiding them. Mistreating them. Misinforming them. Mis-remembering them. Mis-aligning them. Misappropriating them.

      I do like to play with words.

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