Super Bowl XLIV: the Saints gallop over the Colts


I care not to weep for lost armadillos,
their snouts infected with green
green for envy
green for myth
green for suffocation
of a backyard abscess

How coolly they stare,
whiskered blinks and underbellies,
affixed to boulders swept by the sap
of white registries,
carnation and teardrop themes

I dare not weep for the costs of adversaries
their proud pamphlets injected with heat
heat for blood
heat for scythes
heat for premeditation
of a fractured printing press

How duly they prepare,
checkered chiefs and sponsorships,
addressed to soldiers kept by the map,
of night hatcheries,
extermination and blasting screams

–yiqi Super Bowl Sunday 2010 12:54 PM

The Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints have been eyeing the same gal for several days.  Forty-four years old and in Miami for one night, she has a history with the Indy but none with Nawlins.

Televised by CBS, the Saints were only down by one touchdown by the top of the second quarter.  Indianapolis 10 and New Orleans 3.  The bottom of the second quarter could’ve resulted in the Saints tying the score (or getting another field goal), but head coach Sean Payton decided to go for the end zone.  Unsuccessful this attempt was as Colts linebacker Gary Brackett ground that try to the turf.  The first half ended with Saints kicker Garrett Hartley making a  forty-four yard field goal.  Indianapolis 10 and New Orleans 6.

The third quarter sprang off to the chaos of onside kick and question of ball possession.  The referee’s official word was that the Saints recovered the loosened ball.  The end of that possession produced a touchdown by Saints running back Pierre Thomas.  New Orleans 13 and Indianapolis 10.  The Colts got back on top after their next go at the ball thanks to a touchdown by running back Joseph Addai.  Garrrett Hartley’s appendages helped his team bring their score deficit to just one with a forty-seven yard FG at the bottom of the quarter.  Indianapolis 17 and New Orleans 16.

The fourth quarter started with a failed fifty-one yard field goal by Colts kicker Matt Stover.  The Saints hopped on top with a Jeremy Shockey TD with six minutes left in the game.  A two-point conversion was nearly successful.  Wide receiver Lance Moore could not hold on to the ball as he rolled across the goal line (backwards going out of the end zone).  The Saints challenged the incomplete pass ruling–and the Saints won the challenge.  New Orleans 24 and the Indianapolis 17.  With about three minutes left to play, Colts quarterback threw an interception straight into the bosom of Saints corner back Tracy Porter, who then ran the ball seventy-four yards for a TD.  New Orleans 31 and Indianapolis 17.   Final score.  The Saints have won Super Bowl XLIV.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  I missed the first quarter and the first couple minutes of the second quarter.  I got distracted by William Fichtner as a Sheriff invaded by alien parts.  我 真的 以為 球賽 8點鐘 才 開始.  Ce n’est pas grave.  C’est bizarre… mais, 誰贏誰敗 我不在乎.  Je prefere les Colts, mais vraiment…我 真的 不管.

2.  Thus, I had no idea who sang the National Anthem nor if the performance was any good.

3.  Jim Nantz and Phil Simms were the commentators.  They both wore dark suit jackets.  Nantz had on a very light colored button-down shirt and a bright orange tie (possibly patterned).  Simms wore a lavender button-down shirt and a purple striped tie.

4.  The Who performed during the halftime show.  They performed portions from “Pinball Wizard,” “Baba O’Riley” (which some of you may know as the theme of CSI: New York), “Who Are You,” “Save Me, Feel Me, Touch Me,” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again” (theme of CSI: Miami).  Impressive vocals and lighting display.

5.  A couple of plays after the Saints’ offensive go at the top of the third quarter, the camera went to Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney sitting on the bench and having a foot wrapped (or socked).  The telecast then cut to a medium shot of Peyton Manning look very discontent on the sidelines.

6.  It wasn’t until the top of the fourth quarter that I got really into the game and watched with eyes wide.

7.  My favorite commercial of the night: Budweiser’s story of a horse and an ox.

Watch me watching the last few seconds of the second quarter:

Get game summary, stats, and play-by play here.

15 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLIV: the Saints gallop over the Colts

  1. Phil

    J’aime votre poème. En lui, je sentis des pensées subliminales sur le football de la NFL – “armadillos”, “boulders”, “sponsorships”, “soldiers”………en tout, un poème très évocateur.

    Quant à le match lui-même, il lui manqua l’excitation à mon avis, peut-être en raison de la supériorité évidente des Saints.

    En tout cas, le match a été bien inférieure à votre poème magnifique.

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Merci beaucoup! Franchement, j’ai ecrit le poeme 6 ou 7 heures avant le Super Bowl. Et je penais des autres choses…les deux dernières strophes se referent a la guerre.

  2. yidnar

    I wound up watching an online stream of the game. At times we were watching English, although the entire second half of the game was in French and German. They didn’t cut to commercials ever. It was an odd experience, but enjoyable.

  3. kevmoore

    No commercials??? I dream of that. 🙂

    The anthem was sung by someone called Carrie Underwood. Apparently she’s famous, though I haven’t heard of her, but thewn all blond american idol lookalikes…er…lool alike to me. Queen Latifah did America the beautiful too, and seemed to rip her ear monitor out early on, so she obviously didnt like what she was hearing. An unedifying spectacle thsi morning on tv where 4 women, including whoopi and hilary (didnt know the othere two) were arguing about the who. The unknown women seemed to want Katy someone on instead. Phillistines. Whoopi, rightly, told them it was all about rock’n’roll.

  4. kevmoore

    Ah! See? I can spot a simon cowell creation from 50 paces! Thought o be fair, she did a reasonable job on the anthem. The view looks similar in format to a UK show called Loose Women.

  5. Kavitha

    I totally missed the Super Bowl due to the fact that I had no cable yet in my new place… due to the fact there was a raging blizzard here in Maryland. Sadness. But you missed the first quarter – I am shocked, though it seems you didn’t miss much.

    The Who performed during the Super Bowl? My dad failed to tell me this little detail. I had no idea CSI made such prolific use of their songs.

    J’aime votre poème aussi. Cette imagerie est tres interessante.

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