If You said Yes, jump to page 99

Before I get to the heart of the matter, check out my blogging friend’s entry on the Super Bowl.  He watched the game in New Orleans.

Now back to the 99 non-Luft Balloons.  A couple of years ago, I was looking up information on a book called Interred With Their Bones and found this blog post that discussed something called The Page 99 Test where the ninety-ninth page of a given book could summarize its essence.  I had intended to go through each and every one of my books (non-fiction and fiction alike) but never got around to starting..until tonight.

I started with my Neil Gaiman books, followed by one Bret Easton Ellis number.

From American Gods:

From Good Omens:

From Neverwhere:

From Sandman Book of Dreams:

From Smoke and Mirrors:

I think each of these Gaiman books’ 99th page touches on the pertinent themes either of the specific novel or of the author’s overall flavorings.


The 99th from American Psycho:

Click here for the Leatherface rendition of the book cover, here for the Michael Myers, and here for the young John Wayne.

11 thoughts on “If You said Yes, jump to page 99

  1. kevmoore

    Thanks for the link! 🙂

    Always loved Gaiman’s Neverwhere. Still havent seen the BBC’s dramatization of it though. Probably fear experiencing the disappointment one usually has when watching an adaptation of a book one has already read.

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Awesome. I’m curious about your findings. I’m going to make another post (with or without visual aids) where I put my Truman Capote books to the test.

      ooo and a few film books too.

  2. illumeateight

    There’s a pretty good article about Neil Gaiman in a January issue of The New Yorker. It’s available online here:

    I really liked Neverwhere and have always wanted to read The Sandman. However I wasn’t a big fan of Caroline, and I find that his short stories are hit or miss. I think he’s a very good writer. But sometimes I find his work derivative. That might be the wrong word. All art is derivative. Perhaps it’s just feel like the themes are not always expressed as originally as he’s capable of – like he hasn’t tried hard enough or something.

  3. illumeateight

    The button eyes thing was pretty scary. But anything to do with eyes gives me the heebeejeebees, like in Minority Report and Bladerunner. Farscape also really had a thing for like injecting people in the eye or pulling out their eyes or whatever. I started screaming during one episode.

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    1. sittingpugs Post author

      If a title or book cover catches my eye and after reading the plot synopsis, if it still has my attention, I’ll run my fingers across the front and back covers. I read the first few pages and I’ll hold the book close to my face and thumb through the pages (or fan through them) and inhale. I must like the way a book smells (or doesn’t smell).

      If the book passes the test, I usually buy it.

      Please report your findings and send me a link if you choose to write your own post about your 99th pages.


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