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Off Topic: Today’s Verse 37

Leave my heart behind
sprinkle all the parts into coils
edges so jagged they cannot be mended

Doesn’t it just break you?
the way I’ve changed for your better
hardened so you can feel safer
perfect, zoned kill
your enemies retreat by the car-loads

Leave my heart behind
bury all the parts in a ditch
edges so dark they cannot be seen

Doesn’t it just break you?
the way my mind splinters for your better
disassociated so you can feel superior
tucked, the luxury of your will
your enemies chased down the river

Leave my heart behind
in the grip that suffocates the cradle
a voice so parched it cannot be heard

Doesn’t it just break you?
the way I’ve withered for your better
prosecuted without cause on your dollar
cornered, pity pours

Leave my heart behind
tear at me no more

–yiqi 21 Feb 2010 8:38 PM


The above poem was inspired by Kathy Dobie’s article “The Few, the Proud, the Broken” from the March 2010 issue of GQ magazine available at newsstands now. Another recommended read (and purchase):

Last year, a record number of active-duty Marines–fifty-two–killed themselves, many were shattered by the war and what they’d seen, prisoners of a macho culture that too often ridicules PTSD. Now, back from battle but still struggling to survive, three former Marines are doing what they do best: band together. Kathy Dobie embeds on the home front.


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I won’t let you crawl into the wall and sleep your fear away.   You must understand that peace will only come when you drop the reigns of responsibility you had no authority to untie.  You’re allowed to fall apart, you need to feel your soul severing.  Recognize the pain hurts, that it doesn’t just lurk in the periphery of your waking life, only then can you excise it.