February Briefing

Sleep peels.  Smile at the chimera.  This morning I dreamed I found a black and white puppy–looked like an oreo cookie.  He was quiet, didn’t smell, didn’t slobber.  I wanted to keep him.  I was going to keep him, but an intense anxiety washed over me and I knew I couldn’t keep him.  So I put him back where I found him.*

I shall plod on with my sports(movies) contemplations after the Vancolympics have ended.  In the mean time, I’d like to do my bloggerly duty and call your attention to three noteworthy entries from new and old blogging friends.

Kevmoore from Cafe Crem on Austin, Texas.

Kansas Mediocrity and postcards NOT from the edge.

The Bearded Guy from dmzsports with 5 Canadian bucks.

Do you like sports? Do you like basketball? Do you like college basketball? Do you like Georgia Tech basketball?  If you answered “yes” to at least two of those questions, you may enjoy the chat I had with a friend and GT alum:

Friend: hey. do you see anything wrong with these tweets?
most fans are upset with his tweets, they think he is calling out the fanbase.
i don’t see anything wrong with them, he’s just trying to garner support.

me: I don’t see why it should mean anything to anyone who doesn’t cheer for GT basketball.
Friend: me neither! but the fanbase is tearing him apart because of it.
me: He might as well be saying “oh yeah, don’t forget to buy milk” or “don’t forget to bring 5 canned goods” or “don’t forget to come 30 minutes early.”

Friend: This made the AJC! in TWO separate articles!


Well I am ticked off at the fans who are making a big deal of the coach trying to drum up support.  They are the reason this is plastered on ajc.com now, although mark bradley is outright criticizing coach hewitt.

me: there seems to be a disconnect btwn his intentions and the critical fans, as well as a chicken-and-the-egg situation.
“we’d support a team that at least won x number of games”
“they’d play better if they at least saw unanimous support”
Friend: I wonder if hewitt is going to stop using twitter after all this
me: One of two scenarios (or maybe two of two scenarios)
1. Coach didnt know the scope of his following. Sure, he can see how many people are following him but how active are the followers?
2. GT basketball wanted to stir up any kind of noise? good or bad?
2.5. Coach has lost a lot of confidence in his own abilities, his players abilities, or both and wanted to orchestrate a situation that would make a voluntary resignation the shortest route to an outcome? Flat out quitting would be too cowardly.

*I watched a few YT videos of baby pandas last night (possible explanation for the color of the puppy).

17 thoughts on “February Briefing

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Hewitt says in the early part of the interview, “I just think that it’s unclear what I’m saying is not lashing out. I’m asking people to pick a side. Either you’re with us or against us. But pick a side. Don’t degrade the effort, the intelligence the dedication of anybody associated with the program,”

      Moreover, do not say you’re a fan and then “degrade the effort, the intelligence, the dedication…”

      What’s Hewitt’s sign?

  1. sittingpugs Post author

    His Yahoo scope for today:

    You were busy for weeks, and now you’ve completed what you were working on. Congratulations are definitely in order, but you know how you get when you have too much time on your hands. If you’re starting to feel worried and anxious, but not quite sure what about, this sense of restlessness might be the problem. Sit down and think about it: is it time for a new project?

    From yesterday:

    Stop worrying about the neighbor’s reaction — or anyone else’s, for that matter — to the people you’ve been associating with lately. If you enjoy them and the feeling is mutual, what’s the problem? At some point, you’ll need to stop defending your choices, in favor of just letting everyone know that these are the friends you’ve chosen. Period. This might be one of those times. Go for it! Don’t be held back, for any reason other than your own.

    Pretty spot on!

  2. Daniel B.

    I like this response from Hewitt’s interview with the AJC yesterday:

    Me: He also says you are what your record says you are, and you’re less than .500.

    Hewitt: That’s the NFL. There’s balanced schedules in the NFL. Everybody plays two times. You’re not going to tell me that our schedule isn’t the same. It’s just not true. There’s a classic example of understanding the facts and not reporting the facts. There’s a big reason why Strength of Schedule is a big part of the NCAA equation. That quote about ‘you are what your record is,’ that’s the NFL. That’s the NBA.

    Years ago, that was the ACC. That is not college basketball today. You guys very well know that. Am I right or wrong?

    Now again, personal feelings aside, report the facts. Report the facts. That’s all I’m asking.

          1. Kennedy Wong

            LOL…nice! But remember we have to keep our “So Secret that even we don’t know about it” love affair out of the public…just imagine the paparazzi??…and I’ll work on the Puppy thing!

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