The Taxi Driver Is talking to you Lombardi

If you’re a fan of Robert De Niro, an admirer of Vince Lombardi’s contributions to Green Bay football, or loyally read Slashfilm, chances are you already know about the Lombardi biopic which will star Mr. De Niro.


I learned of it this morning while watching Headline News.  According to the official Vince Lombardi web site, there’s Broadway show in the mix too.  I’m intrigued…more about this Broadway play.

If you’re a De Niro or Lombardi fan (or both), do you think it’s a good idea for there to be a biopic in the first place and that De Niro shall play the subject?  I’m sure The Taxi Driver will do his utmost to do the great man justice to avoid incurring the unmitigated wrath of select members of the viewing public.


If I could cast anyone from the past, I’d get Ernest Borgnine, Chico Marx, and Paul Muni to audition.




Click here to listen to Vince Lombardi talk.

Here for De Niro.

Here for Ernest Borgnine.

Here for Chico Marx.

Here for Paul Muni.

Pix creds: google image search and Fordham University.

14 thoughts on “The Taxi Driver Is talking to you Lombardi

  1. Daniel B.

    I actually think De Niro is really good fit for this role. After watching some videos of Lombardi, I can totally see De Niro doing a great imitation of him.

  2. The Mark

    I’d take Paul Muni in this one. I know he doesn’t look anything like Lombardi but couldn’t Daniel Day-Lewis play the role. You just know he would become Lombardi and own that role.

      1. The Mark

        Daniel Day-Lewis always becomes his roles and he would do no different with this one. I could just see him watching endless hours of NFL Films accounts of Lombardi until he got the essence of the man. By the time the movie started, you wouldn’t know where Lombardi begins and Day-Lewis ends.

        Just think of Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood. I heard you couldn’t talk to him on the set and he was always in character. The guy is a genius.

        1. sittingpugs Post author

          I don’t doubt his abilities or talents (I’m a fan of his work), but … unless hair and make-up contributed to 20% of his performance, he’s too ruggedly beautiful. Even in the Dr. Seussy looking garb in Gangs of New York, he radiates an exquisiteness that can’t be obscured.

          1. The Mark

            The thought of Daniel Day-Lewis was based on his acting chops alone. I’m sure DeNiro will due justice to this role. If he’s half as good as in Raging Bull, he’ll blow us all away.

  3. jammer5

    Ernest Borgnine. One of best character actors ever, and the Vince was indeed a character. Hands down.

    One of his little known movies, “Emperor of the North”, with Lee Marvin, stuck in my head for many years. Ernest was downright scary.


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