Oh Oppa, oppa, I’ll be down Bang!

It’s in the spirit of sports and dance.  Just a few pleasantries  to get the juice and giddiness flowing.

Girls Generation Oh!

After School Bang!


New awesomeness from Remi Gaillard.


I posted a link of this page from the web site of the show Bait Car to my bookface page.  One of my friends had a very insightful comment.  I felt like sharing it before the post became buried on my bookface wall:

It’s really a question of where does this fall into the attractive nuisance area – you have a playground on your property, kids come to play on it, kid gets injured, you get in trouble for not having a fence even though the kid was trespassing – for me.  This isn’t entrapment, the lawyer’s an idiot. The (lowest) bar for entrapment is that the cop enticed you to do something you wouldn’t normally do.
A guy with a record stealing cars normally steals cars.  So, screw that guy. And, sorry, but most normal people don’t normally jump in a car with keys and try to drive off. The person that does that clearly had motive and intent, he was just waiting for the opportunity.

Anyway, back to the attractive nuisance thing, I doubt bait cars are catching 8 year olds and the argument that people can’t control their impulses to steal something is retarded. That’s like saying it was okay for me to shoplift from Kroger because, man, look at all the stuff just laying out on the shelves! Or to steal from a museum because, shit, they just leave that stuff laying around.

On the one hand, I do lament that the police have to rely on these sorts of tactics to catch criminals; I would prefer that they not waste the time, money, and effort on using bait cars and instead patrol the streets or watch for crime affecting “civilians” – stealing a bait car is from a certain perspective victimless, afterall. On the other hand, I do have a fear of encroaching executive authority which comes with the evolving pace of police surveillance technology.

There is no controversy here to me though. And the lawyer’s brief statement about undercover vice officers (even though I believe in regulated, legal prostitution) is just dumb.

More morsels for munching. Show of hands. Should the public have the will-power and courtesy to not commit a crime no matter how many opportunities and stimuli manifest themselves? OR, should those opportunities and stimuli not manifest themselves in the first place.For me, it’s all about will power.  The lawyer says cops shouldn’t be creating opportunities for people to commit crimes. Well, then why not have automakers build cars that are unable to go more than 65 mph? Ridiculous. It’s up to the driver not to speed recklessly.

3 thoughts on “Oh Oppa, oppa, I’ll be down Bang!

  1. Kennedy Wong

    Actually saw Girls Generation or 소녀시대 this past weekend. They opened up a game for the beginning of the Korean Baseball season. Still more of a Wondergirls kind of guy myself though…..and 오빠 might be the greatest word EVER!

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Sweet corn tamales!

      Sunmi is my favorite Wonder Girl. I like Sunye too.

      오빠 is not the greatest word ever. You’d have to add a 보고싶어 to get the greatest word ever.

      1. Kennedy Wong

        Yoobin is my crush…She seems to be a lil more cool than the rest. At least to me! And as long as you got 오빠 you can pretty much put whatever you want with it…and its still great!! lol


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