Clash of the Fuego Titans Sushi Mundo Bar

I was a bunny last year for Good Friday.  I revisited the part this year as well.


I also watched Clash of the Titans (Louis Leterrier, 2010) this afternoon.  A 5:30 pm showing at AMC Mansell in Alpharetta produced a theatre filled 45% to capacity with an average audience age of 30.  The number of males and females were about the same.  I’ve seen pieces of the original but not enough to remember it.   I saw the new one for the sole reason of watching Liam Neeson say, “Release the Kraken.”  I was pleasantly surprised to see Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen in the film.  Gemma Arterton was a nice touch too.  She looks like a goddess.  Luke Cunningham lent a degree of humor to certain conversations that would’ve otherwise come across as too campy.  I would’ve liked more scenes with more close-ups of the entire Greek pantheon but was sufficiently entertained.  I might see it again just for Mikkelsen (click here for an interview).

And for dinner? Japanese.  A friend of mine  gave it a glowing review on Yelp.   There is indeed something about the atmosphere that made me feel like I was in Japan.  In fact, because I had dinner so late at night, I felt like I was suffering from jet lag.




Honey Calpico Sherbert (shaved ice).


I had dinner at Fuego Mundo last night.  They’re a gluten and dairy free eatery in Sandy Springs, just inside the perimeter.  I had lamb chops with banana chips, sweet plantains, rice, and red beans.  Delicieuse.  I will absolutely be going back there.



Click here for more photos from Clash of the Titans.

3 thoughts on “Clash of the Fuego Titans Sushi Mundo Bar

  1. jammer5

    Ray Harryhausen’s stop action in the original was second to none. The guy was truly a cinematic genius. I saw it back when it first came out and was really impressed. Seeing it today might detract from it due to the innovations out today, but if you get the chance, watch it.

    Speaking of Japanese Restaurants: There were two in Joplin MO that were excellent. Here in Wichita, we have some fairly good ones, but most are chain, which I tend to ignore. I did find a little place called Cafe Asia that has fresh sushi, which I love, but the selections limited.

    I went on a deep sea fishing trip one time where we caught blue fin tuna up to 80 lbs. The chef on the boat made fresh sushi out of the cheeks and belly of one of them. Unforgettable.

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