NFL News: Peel that teal off of Donovan McNabb

And put on some maroon burnt sienna, pollen, and whipped mayo for long-time Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Donovan McNabb.  He’s joined the ranks of the Washington Redskins.


Click here to get the scoop with video (pic cred).  Is it my imagination or does Lindsay Soto look like Cameron Diaz with a longer face, a pointier chin, and Invisalign? Only in this clip and not in general.

Click here for more information from Redskins Insider.


Speaking of the NFL, what’s the good word with the Atlanta Falcons? Defense, defense, defense.  We need more bodies around the moat.

Woe to be Santonio Holmes right now.  College and pro football players often find themselves in a sticky or delicate situation near or on the premises of a night club …or having operated heavy machinery while intoxicated.  Just a thought: vary the venues.  Hang out with your buddies at an Ikea or a bowling alley.  Nothing ever happens in a bowling alley, except for perhaps a flashback to the color schemes of the 70s and 80s.  Karaoke bar.  Do a karaoke bar.  Bring a driver.

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