What I saw when you weren’t Looking

All in a day’s traverse.

It starts with horns on hooves,

a mother’s produce flies,

a stiff neck peers through.

Four wheels

go solo,

slump down in frustration,

Hand me the Kikkoman,

show me the fragrant harbor.

We can be curled up

Everything’s marinated.

In the sapphire stars of acceleration, light as a feather, stiff as a board, the trees scream for a fast ball.

2 thoughts on “What I saw when you weren’t Looking

  1. jammer5

    Some of those pictures reminded me how hungry I was for some real Japanese food. And I found such a place. Sakura has been close by since before I moved in the area, and I hadn’t noticed it. I spotted it by accident while looking for an electronics store. Stopped by and tried their sushi, and it was better than the cafe Asia I tried a while back. I was in sushi heaven.

    Did you take the pictures? Some really nice work. I really like the ones showing movement.


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