Scott Sicko Sunday dejeuner

Two eggs sunny-side up, two chicken sausage patties, and grits from the Flying Biscuit, followed by pomegranate yogurt from Juicy Green at the Forum.  C’etait delicieuse.  Unfortunately, though, because I’ve started to eat consistently gluten and wheat-free,* I could not enjoy the FB’s yummy biscuits and French toast.

When I was making the rounds through my online stops, I saw this Doug Farrar piece on Scott Sicko’s future.  Apparently, if Mr. Sicko does not get to hop in the I Got Drafted by the NFL Bus, then he would rather get a graduate degree in history than to participate further in the sanctioned violence and group glory that is the game of football via the Undrafted Free Agency Bus.  More than the story itself, which you can read here, are the comments.  They range from what-the-pho-is-he-thinking to it’s-actually-possible-to-like-education-more-than-football.  There are also many representing the middle of give-the-pros-a-chance-go-to-school-later.

Except for the remarks that deem Sicko’s choice to be idiotic, immature, or naive, I understand the middle’s perspective.  Being a corporeal commodity in the NFL is both rare and a given delight.  One should owe it to oneself to at least try.  And yet, pursuing a graduate degree in any field requires a significant amount of brainpower.  Depending on whether or not Sicko is both deeply interested in history and a good, disciplined student, he may not want to risk even one concussion.   I’d like really to pick his brain about this matter.  History consists of a broad area of studies.  Is he keen on reading and writing about military history?  geo-political? cultural? industrial?  I’m also curious about how readers would react if Sicko said he would rather be a pastry chef, a minister, or a stunt man.

You can call him arrogant, even idealistic, but Sicko has incidentally provided the world with a glimpse into his psyche.  There needn’t be any speculation as to the correlation between his confidence, ego, and perception of worth.  He wants to be wanted for who he is and what he can do, not for the role he would fill as just another sinewy body on a roster sheet.

Yes, I think too much.

Watch Scott Sicko talk about his team.  Good lourdes, look at the circumference of that neck!

Click here for a look at Sicko’s body line.

* After going 99% wheat and gluten-free for nearly a month, I have experienced a noticeable increase in digestive harmony.

6 thoughts on “Scott Sicko Sunday dejeuner

  1. Phil

    Si Scott Sicko souhaite étudier, pourquoi l’histoire? Il pourrait apprendre à être un professeur d’histoire, mais aurait-il trouver un emploi quand il obtient son diplôme?

    Il me semble que les gens ne savent pas toute l’histoire. Par conséquent, il semble que l’histoire n’est pas enseignée dans les écoles. Cela est logique parce que l’histoire est inutile.

    Si Scott Sicko veut étudier, il devrait étudier pour devenir un banquier d’investissement.

    Comme un banquier d’investissement, Scott Sicko aurait un grand prestige et il gagnerait beaucoup plus d’argent que la plupart des joueurs de football de la NFL.

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Si Scott Sicko veut étudier, il devrait étudier pour devenir un banquier d’investissement.

      C’est une bonne idee, mais, peut-etre des maths lui faisent peur.

  2. Phil

    Je viens de recevoir les nouvelles sensationnelles. Scott Sicko a signé avec les Dallas Cowboys.

    Qui a dit qu’il n’y a pas Dieu au Ciel?

    Mais, le gain de football sera la perte pour l’histoire.

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