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Atlanta Falcons, let there be Practice Montage

The Atlanta Falcons held a couple of mini-camps over the weekend.  Pat Yasinkas from ESPN was in attendance.  Click here to read his observations on quarterback Matt Ryan. Let’s take a stroll back in time to the summer before Matt’s debut as a Falcon (when Perimeter Mall still had a Falcons store):

My hair was so long back then.


Here’s the Day 1:

Here’s Day 2:


I would like to draw your attention to the first six seconds of the video from Day 1.  From left to right, wide receiver Roddy White, tight end Tony Gonzalez, and wide receiver Brian Finneran.  Notice their demeanor, their gait.  They aren’t doing anything but walking, and yet there is something inherently cool about the way in which they do it.  Step, step, step.  I must’ve watched both videos a combined total of six times.  Halfway through the first viewing of the Day 2 clip, I thought to myself, “It’s just like a montage sequence of practices in a football movie!”  More than likely the camera operators were focusing on documentation over artistry.  The editing of the footage, however, sustains good pacing so as to avoid the “home video” aesthetic.   The players’ bodies moving through space still look amazing even without obsessive attention to angle.

How do you like your Matt?  Water-colored or cutout?


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