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Where’s the Commonality?

What do the objects in this picture have in common?

What do the objects in this picture have in common?

How are the objects in the first photo different from the second one?  Try not to give spoiler answers if you think you’ve figured it out.

World Cup eau hail know

Les Etas Unis a perdu, Ghana a gagne.

Daehanminguk a perdu, Uruguay a gagne.


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Respecting the right to die in Germany.

Don’t eat that box of Kellogg’s cereal!


And now, some fuel for over-thinking:

Pretend you’re a football coach at a university.  One fall semester a pale-skinned brunette tries out for your team.  He demonstrates good instincts and speed.  Though his footwork needs improvement, his work ethic and personality would make him an asset…somehow, somewhere.  He helped you change a flat tire once, and when you needed a pickup truck’s cargo space to take your fussy St. Bernard to the vet, he offered his.  You weren’t sure if he would be eligible to be on the reserves team, and he certainly wouldn’t be on the starting roster, but you weren’t going to send this boy back to the dorms just because he wasn’t a three-step-easy fix.  The sort that signs here, here, and here and keep your grades above a 2.5 gpa.

You noticed the calming effect he had on the otherwise disruptive red shirt freshmen and the backup players.  Even if you had to make him your away-game logistics coordinator or home-game video production specialist, you knew you wanted him near your team.  You were ready to make him an offer, to welcome him to your extended football arena.  He knew you appreciated what he’d done for you up to that point (or at least you hoped he did because you had expressed as much).  Unfortunately, as the season started to pick up momentum, he’d had a couple of back-to-back family emergencies that not only took him away geographically but also mentally.

Rather than pester him to come back, you just let him finish his school year in whatever way he needed to avoid having to take a leave of absence.  He’d send a postcard every few months and he always knew how to contact you.  After a year, however, you decided that it was pointless to imagine how smoothly road games would’ve been had he been able to make all the travel arrangements.  Wondering how much better your life could’ve been was also romanticizing something that never materialized.

Then one day without any advanced notice, he shows up at your ball field when you’re in the middle of consulting with a landscape artist and the representative from the sponsor company who’s going to pay for a new turf.  He wanted you to know that he enjoyed every minute he spent with you because he never knew a man that treated him the way you did…with respect and faith.  Even when he couldn’t be part of the game-play action, he never felt rejected by you.  He didn’t realize it then, though.  It was only after being away for so long that he discovered what he was missing.

What would you do?  Would you just wake up from the dream of him appearing–because you’re convinced you were dreaming in that 90 degree humid southern heart–or would you say that as long as you are head coach at that school there will always be a place for him?

Speaking of places, does anyone know from which film this line originates:

Turn over a rock and you will find me.

World Cup watching the watchers

Les Etas Unis gagne, L’Algerie perd.  54 seconds.

Per ESPN, “1.1 million people watched at least some of the USA’s 1-0 win as it was streamed on Wednesday. The match, which was also watched on ESPN by 6.2 million people, lasted from 10 a.m. to noon ET, during working hours for most of the United States.”


Le Mexique gagne, La France perd. 35 seconds.

Daehanminguk!  Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap.  Hwaiting!

Denmark falls under Japan.


Oh, and there’s that little thing called Wimbledon and UGA alum John Isner taking home the glory of victory.

When You Are not looking

I promise if disapproval, we will draw back a preserved wife plum.  We will have so much fun with our friend Choco Boy.





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Caribou Coffee has a new line of teas for the summer.  The one pictured here is the Plutot Green Tea. C’est delicieux.  There’s a hint of lychee flavoring in it, or at least it tastes that way.  I also like their Passion Fruit Green Tea smoothie.

Today I

Ate Korean rice porridge with diced vegetables, rice wrapped California roll, and Koko Coffee SunO Dessert.  I saw a Korean pastry named after an African nation.  It was hot in Atlanta today.  In the late afternoon, I went to an area retail center and realized that your wishes don’t come true.  But, you can make a donation to the Dekalb County Habitat For Humanity.

What did you all do today?






The Korean directly underneath “Ghana” says: Ghana Pie Original.



Last Sunday I went to the Atlanta Botanical Garden.


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There are SunO locations in Athens and near Emory!