Off Topic: Today’s Verse 41


Paste the leather bound elegy

inside this little finger

that twirls & twirls

& digs a hole,

it buries your secrets

in the periphery of a whole new river bed

Once around it, you sped

& lit the marigolds

entombed beneath the tool shed

Exhaust evaporates

the baptismal marrow,

scrape away a small sample

the trotting globe is your race way.

–yiqi 1 juin 2010 10:42 pm


4 thoughts on “Off Topic: Today’s Verse 41

  1. sekanblogger

    A long lazy September look
    in the mirror
    say it’s true.

    I’m 31
    and my nose is growing

    It starts about 1/2
    an inch
    below the bridge
    and strolls geriatrically
    for another inch or so:

    Fortunately, the rest
    of the nose is comparatively

    I wonder if girls
    will want me with an
    old nose.

    I can hear them now
    the heartless bitches!

    “He’s cute
    but his nose
    is old.”


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