Today I

Ate Korean rice porridge with diced vegetables, rice wrapped California roll, and Koko Coffee SunO Dessert.  I saw a Korean pastry named after an African nation.  It was hot in Atlanta today.  In the late afternoon, I went to an area retail center and realized that your wishes don’t come true.  But, you can make a donation to the Dekalb County Habitat For Humanity.

What did you all do today?

Click here for a closer view.

   (The large version used to display).

The Korean directly underneath “Ghana” says: Ghana Pie Original.


Last Sunday I went to the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Click here to see the rest of the pictures.


There are SunO locations in Athens and near Emory!

6 thoughts on “Today I

  1. kevmoore

    Oh my god that dessert looks beyond wonderful! Given the amount of swimming I’ve had to do to get back to how i was before we did our 2 month trip to the States, I probably should be glad I didn’t discover Sun-O while I was there!
    That’s a cute frog – and what lovely gardens, looks like a nice place to chill out.

  2. Kennedy Wong

    U’d be very surprised to know that 롯데 is a Japanese Company. But those Chocolate pies are FANTASTIC…they always give my students ample motivation. U got to try the all Chocolate ones.

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      According to wikipedia, Lotte was founded by a “Japan-raised Korean businessman.”

      I’ve gone gluten and wheat-free, so I can no longer consume most of the good stuff from an Asian supermarket.


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