Off Topic: Today’s Verse 42

Let the beckoning crane her neck skywards
step away as she falls, shut
up to the tips of candy crisp original

the news of molten destruction
sends buttery dreams through rooftops

Chim, Chim-a-nee
Grip him and loose
a swarm of ridiculousness
the Norns shake their looms

I am the precipice of self-prophesied doom

I can’t go for that, no can do.

— yiqi 12:30 PM 2 july 2010



The answer to June 29th’s riddle – highlight relevant words at your own discretion:

The objects pictured on top are of a Baby, Husky, and Lady.

The objects pictured at the bottom are of a Donkey, Monkey, and Bentley.

Stacy was nearly there with her comment of  “They all end with a long-e sound.”  What makes the Baby, Husky, and Lady different from Donkey, Monkey, and Bentley is that the top group requires an “ies” in place of the “y” to make them plural.  On the other hand, the bottom group only needs an “s” added to the end of the word.

Babies, Huskies, Ladies.

Donkeys, Monkeys, Bentleys.

5 thoughts on “Off Topic: Today’s Verse 42

  1. jammer5

    “I am the precipice of self-prophesied doom”

    I carried a sign reading something like that one afternoon and made a buck fifty. Then some guy beat the shit out of me and took it. I hate when I’m right.


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