I like eggplant again

I never disliked eggplant, but I did go through several months in the last couple of years where I had little to no appetite for the purple plant.  I heard through the cubicle vine this morning about a restaurant called Loving Hut.  I went to the establishment’s web site, and based solely on the landing page, I decided I had to go try this place for dinner.  I’m not a vegan.

For anyone who is reading this entry, lives in Atlanta, and has ever been outside of 285, Loving Hut is located at the intersection of Spalding and Holcomb Bridge.  The front door actually faces Holcomb Bridge and is to the right of the Chevron gas station.

Here’s the walkway to the entrance.


Here’s a view of the “foyer” looking back to the front door (which is to the left in this picture).

It looks and tastes like shrimp, but it’s made from yams.

The eggplant dish.  Scoop of brown rice, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, and shitake mushrooms.  So yummy.

Between Love Hut and Fuego, I’ve got healthy covered.  All that Atlanta needs now is a gluten and wheat-free bakery or coffee shop.


To see more pictures, click here and navigate to the middle of the third page.

3 thoughts on “I like eggplant again

  1. illumeateight

    Was there a time you didn’t like it? I hated it until my mid-20s and slowly started enjoying it, mainly in Asian dishes and also covered in breaded crumbs, cheese and marinara sauce…mmm. I kind of like it these days in whatever though, oddly enough.


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