Off Topic: Free Night

That is to say “Free Write.”
or, That is to write, “Free Write.”

A rosary for eyelashes, hear their penance in a tall wooden bookcase.  It winds and splinters, gives grief to the high masters.  She has cordoned the railways, I glimpse an even taller wooden parrot.  He counts money in the back room.  The crooks hover like puppet hyenas.  Don’t you smell them?  Don’t you hear them panting in multiples of five? Fifteen acres, twenty sour candies, twenty-five porcelain dollies, thirty cotton pantaloons.

Pass me the vinegar.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  I know I should have asked the point guard to come with me.


2 thoughts on “Off Topic: Free Night

  1. jammer5

    Sadie looked across the room at the pile of clothes she put there last night. She then turned and looked out the window at the lazy clouds wafting across the sky. She stood up, walked out the front door, got in and started her car, and proceeded to follow the clouds. The clouds never noticed.


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