Daily Archives: August 3, 2010

Cause Rainy Day

After two weeks of 95+F degree heat in the capital city of the Peach State, rains came and coughed up a Hong Kong mugginess around the metro area.   But this “rainy day” is a Loveholic rainy day.  It’s a sad melody, I can’t find a translation of the lyrics yet.*

My day time minutes have kept me occupied in the frontal cortex.  Football season is right around the river bend.  I have every intention of finishing Necessary Roughness and completing my thoughts about it before life begins again.  Until then:

I’m sure you remember Lewis & Clark from history class.

I don’t watch it, but maybe you do.

Hand bag!

Don’t throw away your old crayon wrappings.

Is Samuel L. Jackson a fan of the Atlanta Falcons or does he just like to wear red and black?

* Their song Sky is much more upbeat but isn’t any happier lyrically.