Cause Rainy Day

After two weeks of 95+F degree heat in the capital city of the Peach State, rains came and coughed up a Hong Kong mugginess around the metro area.   But this “rainy day” is a Loveholic rainy day.  It’s a sad melody, I can’t find a translation of the lyrics yet.*

My day time minutes have kept me occupied in the frontal cortex.  Football season is right around the river bend.  I have every intention of finishing Necessary Roughness and completing my thoughts about it before life begins again.  Until then:

I’m sure you remember Lewis & Clark from history class.

I don’t watch it, but maybe you do.

Hand bag!

Don’t throw away your old crayon wrappings.

Is Samuel L. Jackson a fan of the Atlanta Falcons or does he just like to wear red and black?

* Their song Sky is much more upbeat but isn’t any happier lyrically.

10 thoughts on “Cause Rainy Day

  1. jammer5

    Favorite Jackson movie: Formula 51 for no other reason in that it was fun.

    Favorite football movie: Probably Remember the Titans. Good football with a great back story. Although there are many others.

    Watched two episodes of Jersey Shores, and really didn’t understand why anyone would watch it. My age showing 😦

    Supposed to be 108 here today, and no rain or wind. Inside and AC all day.

    Think the Falcons will go anyplace this year?

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Think the Falcons will go anyplace this year?

      I don’t know why but I laughed and almost choked on a green bean when I read your question.
      And I really wanted to reply, “Sure, they’ll go down the hall and to the left and make a right onto Peachtree.”

      Oh, wait, I did reply with it. :crosses eyes like an goofball:

      I hope they do no worse than they did last year.

      1. jammer5

        If you get the chance, see Winter’s Bone, if for no other reason than the cinematography . . . unbelievable. And the story line fits it to a T. Awesome movie. The best I’ve seen this summer.


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