No Offense to other sports lovers

But, in the September 2010 issue of GQ, there’s a section on the new season of NFL.  Chuck Klosterman contributes “Five Brilliant Ideas to Make America’s Best Game Even Better.”  I would like to share the introductory blurb:

The NFL has problems but not real problems (at least none that can be seen without an MRI).  It’s not like the NBA (where regular season doesn’t matter) or baseball (where none of the games matter) or soccer (which is mostly a media construction) or golf (where the only interesting participant is the most hated man in America) or hockey (which is played on fucking ice).  The NFL’s architects understand consumer base so intimately that the product evolves faster than its critics.  Still, nothing is perfect.  Here are a few suggestions (222).

You’ll have to buy the magazine to get the five ideas.  It’s worth it, though.  You’ll get a piece on Donovan McNabb, humorous sidebars regarding the intimacy of piled bodies (fumble recovery attempts), sleeping during meetings, what happens after a kicker misses a game-changing field goal, a wheel of commentators fortune, a pronunciation guide to names of players like Ndamukong Suh*, and much more.

* en-DOM-ah-ken SOO.

2 thoughts on “No Offense to other sports lovers

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      I love GQ–I’ve seriously considered getting a subscription (to it and Film Comment), but canceling a magazine subscription is harder than getting a divorce…even with pets, kids, shared property, and joint accounts to address.


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