Off Topic: Don’t bean blue, yoo fillin ming?

There’s yoo and ming and wong aussi.  There’s monkey for money.  Today, I present a two-for-one deal.  Have you ever participated in or overheard a conversation where someone says, “Why do you always hurt my f-ill-ings?” rather than, “Why do you always hurt my f-eel-ings?”  Yesterday I decided that I would swap out those vowels in conversation.  Thus, if I wanted someone to get gas for me, I would say, “Feel her up.”   If I wanted someone to take care of paperwork, I would instruct them to “Feel out this form.”  If I wanted someone to put water in a pail, I would command them to “Feel it up to the top.”


Apply that to other phrases and song lyrics (along with my other concocted word substitutions):

Yoo’ve got ming filling emotions deeper than I’ve ever dreamed of.

I’ve got a crush on yoo, I hope yoo fill the way that I do.

Yoo can’t afford any more cavity feelings.

Can I feel this with tea instead?

Fillings, nothing more than fillings.

She spends monkey like I feel land-feels.

Sometimes I fill like I don’t have a partner, sometimes I fill like mai only friend is the city I live in the city of Angels.  Lonely as I am, together we cry.

Illume at Eight offered up: She gives ming fillings that I’ve never filled before.

Wong more word out of yoo and I’ll feel your mouth with mai fist.

I fill the earth move under mai feet.  I fill the sky tumbling down.  I fill my heart start trembling whenever you’re around.

I bet yoo fill great that yoo could feel the stadium to capacity.

Oh, I fill that I could melt into heaven I’m hurled.  I know how Columbus filled, finding another world.  Can I trust how I fill? Is this mai Achilles heel.

Don’t feel mai head with all this nonsense.


This morning, as I was obtaining a caffeine fix, I came up with another word game.  Bean for be and been.

Quit lying, I can’t bean whatever I want to bean.

To bean or not to bean, that is the question.

I’ve bean here all day waiting for yoo.

It’s bean seven hours and fifteen days since yoo took your love away.

Get a move on yoo’ll bean late!

I’ve bean nowhere, I’ve bean talking to yoo.

10 thoughts on “Off Topic: Don’t bean blue, yoo fillin ming?

  1. kevmoore

    “…Thus, if I wanted someone to get gas for me, I would say, “Feel her up.”

    -this had me on the floor.Seriously. 🙂

    I love word games. I love calling the famous soul duo “Ike and Turner a Corner”
    Or what they call that guy in charge of Iran: Mahmoud I’m a dinnerjacket……

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