Pre-S 10: Jaguars ensnare the Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons went south to the Sunshine State to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars in the last 2010 pre-season game.  Televised on NBC, Chris Redman went in as quarterback for the Falcons, who went on offense first.  Luke McCown quarterbacked for the Jaguars.  The first quarter came and went with little excitement until Falcons running back Jerious Norwood ran forty-some-odd yards down the sidelines to the end zone…but it wouldn’t count due to a holding penalty on one of the Falcons.  The first quarter ended with no scores but the Falcons kicker Matt Bryant put up a thirty-one yard field goal in the top of the second.  Falcons  running back Antone Smith was running with the ball, it fell out of his grip and was recovered by the Jaguars.  The end of that turnover resulted in a touchdown by Jaguars fullback Brock Bolen.  Their next possession produced a forty yard Josh Scobee FG.  Matt Bryant closed the numerical gap with a twenty-seven yard FG before halftime.  Jacksonville 10 and Atlanta 6.

The Jaguars went on offense first in the third quarter.  Trevor Harris was QB for Jacksonville.  John Parker Wilson took QB reins for the Falcons.  Scobee nailed a forty-nine yard FG with four more minutes left in the third.  Jacksonville 13 and Atlanta 6.  The fourth quarter began with a twenty-five-yard Matt Bryant FG.  Jacksonville 13 and Atlanta 9.  Final score.


Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Randy Waters and Brian Baldinger were the commentators.

2.  Tonight was also the first ever Georgia State Panthers football game.  They played Shorter College at the Georgia Dome.  Click here to get scores and details.

3.  Were the Jaguars’ jerseys always that shade of blue?  Why does it look more aquamarine in my mind’s eye?  Ah, I spoke too soon.  It’s all in the lighting.  Actually, the Jaguars jerseys do look more spartan in design.  Just a swath of bluish-green.  According to this news article from last year, I must be remembering Jacksonville’s uniforms from 2008.

4.  Are you bothered by the future severing of the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry?

5.  Offensive pass interference seems like an oxymoron.  How can you be getting in the way of a ball you’re trying to catch?  I get the part about having to provide enough space so that the defender could intercept the QB’s pass, but if you incidentally knock over a player from the defense while you’re going after the ball, you should be flagged for over-zealous pursuit, not pass interference.

6.  The Jaguars got their act together in the second quarter to get ten points.  What was in the Falcons’ bread basket? Sure, they expedited offensive gains with just two minutes left in the first half, and Chris Redman started to bear a resemblance to Dennis Quaid, but am I really to believe that grace under fire yields diamonds under pressure?

7.  The Falcons have an Asian water boy!

8.  Halftime consisted of an 11alive featurette on what Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff when he hasn’t got football on the brain: mountain biking!  He went to the broadcast booth in the third quarter to chat with Randy and Brian.  Dimitroff wore a grayish-blue suit, a light blue button-down shirt, and a burgundy-grayish-blue-cream striped tie.

9.  The veteran players that didn’t play today all wore dark colored baggy shorts and a big, gray Falcons shirt.  Some more caps.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

Click here for the Falcons roster, here for the Jaguars.

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