College Football 2010: UGA steals UL-LAF’s sunshine

It was a Picasso-esque plate of ketchup at Sanford Stadium today as that UGA Bulldogs hosted the Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns.  Broadcast on Peachtree TV, the first quarter was good to the Bulldogs as they put two touchdowns on the board, courtesy of tailback Caleb King and wide receiver Kris Durham.  Aaron Murray was quarterback.  In top of the second quarter, kicker Brandon Walsh gave the Bulldogs three more points with a fifty-two-yard field goal.  UGA 17 and UL-LAF 0.  Chris Masson was quarterbacking for the Ragin’ Cajuns.  The rest of the quarter was somewhat dull until Aaron Murray and Kris Durham connected on a forty-some-odd yard reception.  A couple of plays later, fullback Shaun Chapas hugged the sidelines and ran the ball into the end zone.  When the Ragin’ Cajuns went on the offense next, tight end Ladarius Green caught Masson’s pass and raced to the end zone.  UGA 24 and UL-LAF 7.

With fewer than thirty seconds left in the first half, Aaron Murray threw the ball straight into the bosom of Ragin’ Cajuns safety Lance Kelley, who was unable to maintain his balance after catching the ball.  The ball tumbled out of his hands.  Kelley fell face-down onto the turf.  He remained in that position, legs straight out, each arm bent at an eighty degree angle.  There was also a forceful downward whomp of his fists.  Murray quickly saved face as he scampered sixteen yards and dipped the ball across the front right corner of the end zone.  A review confirmed the TD.  Going into halftime, UGA 31 and UL-LAF 7.

The third quarter started with a forty-seven-yard Blair Walsh field goal.  UGA 34 and UL-LAF 7.  With four minutes left in the quarter, Murray threw to fullback Fred Munzenmaier, who caught the ball in the end zone.  Blaine Gautier began quarterbacking for the Ragin’ Cajuns around this time.  In the bottom of the quarter, Huston Mason went in as QB for the Bulldogs.  His first throw was a TD reception to Logan Gray.   The Bulldogs put another TD on the board with an interception by fullback Jakar Hamilton.  Blaine Gautier threw another interception just a few minutes later.  Cornerback Sanders Commings scooped that ball from its path.  UGA 55 and UL-LAF 7.   Final score.


South Carolina State Bulldogs traveled to Bobby Dodd Stadium to go against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.  GaTech was in the lead with 34 to SC State’s 10 in the middle of the fourth quarter.  Click here for game summary, stats, and play-by-play.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Russ, substitute UGA, stayed cool an ice-packed, air-conditioned dog house on the sidelines.

2.  The Bulldogs wore red helmets and jerseys, and white pants.  The Ragin’ Cajuns wore red-accented white tops, red pants and helmets.  The stands reminded me of marinara sauce.

3.  There’s a Miami in Ohio.

4.  Andrew Ware and Dave Neal provided commentary.

5.  Will UGA head coach Mark Richt congratulate and then chew Aaron Murray’s ear out for perhaps running more than is reasonably necessary?  In the middle of the third quarter, Murray faked handing the ball to one of his teammates and was probably going to throw it but didn’t see any open receivers.  Instead of throwing the ball away or diving to the turf, he ran down the field a handful of yards.  He eventually got down on his back and slid a few feet.  There was a moment ten or so seconds after he started running where he paused for what seemed a lot longer than actual time.  In that pause, none of the defenders moved.  I love moments like this one in football.

8.  Felicitations to Huston Mason whose first throw as a college football player results in a TD, but…why do you put your mouth guard on your right ear?  Yes, I saw that because the camera saw it.

Click here for the Bulldogs roster, here for the Ragin Cajuns.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

4 thoughts on “College Football 2010: UGA steals UL-LAF’s sunshine

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Hilarious! It was serendipity that I watched the UGA game. I’m still more willing to sacrifice college ball to do other things, but if I happen to be in the dining room and a college game is on, then I’ll watch it.

      Ah and Peachtree TV airs the SEC games.


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