NFL 2010: Saints flush out the Vikings

Oh the crispity, crunchity, rhubarb pie crusty goodness of the NFL 2010 season began tonight in New Orleans where the Saints bumped shoulders with the Minnesota Vikings.  Broadcast on NBC, kickoff was kicked off with Harry Connick Jr. atop a float serenading the Saints’ marching in to the arena.  The Saints were on offense first.  Fewer than two minutes into the first quarter and they quarterback Drew Brees and wide receiver Devery Henderson produced a touchdown reception.  New Orleans 7 and Minnesota 0.

The second quarter wound down to five minutes twenty-nine seconds before the Vikings put anything on the board–a forty-one-yard Ryan Longwell field goal.  New Orleans 7 and Minnesota 3.  Saints kicker Garrett Hartley missed a forty-six-yard FG in the bottom of the quarter.  The most exciting Vikings plays occurred with just under sixty seconds.  Brett Favre made a zippy pass to tight end Visanthe Shiancoe and then to him again for a TD.  The extra point was blocked.  Minnesota 9 and New Orleans 7.

The third quarter was relatively unexciting until nine minutes had passed.  Saints fullback Heath Evans leaped into the end zone.  Brett Favre was intercepted by Saints cornerback Malcolm Jenkins, who landed out of bounds after catching the ball.  The fourth quarter was also somewhat on the dull side until the nine minute mark when Saints wide receiver Robert Meachem caught an almost-TD pass.  Garrett Hartley then missed a thirty-two-yard FG.  New Orleans 14 and Minnesota 9.  Final score.


Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Brett Favre is going in his twentieth year as an NFL player?

2.  The pre-show countdown included a Taylor Swift performance.  Either her microphone was lame or she was suffering from a sinus/cold or throat woes ’cause she didn’t sound so wonderful.  When she performed “You Belong to Me,” I’m fairly certain that I saw an audience member wearing a Matthew Stafford Lions jersey.

3.  Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels were the commentators.  Al wore a dark navy suit, a light blue butt0n-down shirt, and a reddish tie.  Cris wore a light navy suit, a light blue button-down shirt, and a metallic silver and gray striped tie.

4.  Colbie Caillat sang the National Anthem.  She was accompanied by an acoustic guitarist.  It may not have been as epic or blues-y soft as other versions of it, but I liked it.  And then both teams walked onto the field, sans helmets, with their index fingers pointed towards the skies in solidarity.  Al Michaels noted, “We are one.”

5.  Though  I cannot fathom why, the CW decided to air the season premiere of The Vampire Diaries and the series premiere of Nikita tonight.  I don’t have DVR.  At least I was able to watch the first thirty minutes of TVD (loved it).  Has a certain network assumed that NFL and CW audiences wouldn’t overlap?  Mais, je comprends…un peu.  The CW wouldn’t be able to compete against season premieres of CBS or NBC dramas.  FYI.  Nikita uses a Dell laptop.  Maggie Q is…mon dieu.  Elle est tres belle.  Ses jambes et bras sont magnifiques.  The production values of Nikita remind me of Prison Break and CSI: MiamiAshton Holmes is in it!  The fight choreography and editing could be improved in terms of aesthetics and match-on-action.

6. I like the unobtrusive score bar of NBC.  It’s on the bottom of the screen and doesn’t take much space.

7.  The Vikings wore purple jerseys.  The Saints wore white jerseys.

8.  I was in the loo when Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma intercepted Brett Favre in the second quarter.

9.  Was Andrea Kremer wearing less eye make-up?

10.  Six minutes into the third quarter, Saints wide receiver Lance Moore’s helmet popped off after a particular play had ended.  He was on a knee and kept nodding his head.  A Vikings player tossed the helmet to Moore and then patted him on the buttocks.

Get the Saints roster here and the Vikings roster here.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

2 thoughts on “NFL 2010: Saints flush out the Vikings

  1. kevmoore


    Needless to say, We are now Saints devotees following our trip to New Orleans, and watching the Superbowl down the French Quarter, not to mention the parade of the trophy – we were there man! So we’ll be following their progress through your esteemed blog, Pugs! There’s even a song on my forthcoming album called “Who Dat” in tribute to Nawlins finest!


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