Off Topic: Did you say Seasonal Fruit?

Because all I see are grapes, melons, and if I’m lucky, a couple of strawberries and a few pineapple chunks.  If I’m really lucky, I’ll get canned tangerines, a few banana chunks, or kiwi.  I understand why food providers must say “seasonal” (can’t guarantee what’s in stock based on when fruits are planted and harvested and sent off to be packaged) in front of their fruit and vegetable offerings when in the form of a side dish, but why not call it something else?

When have you ever ordered the Seasonal Fruit and not received a bowl or cup of grapes and melons with a sprinkling of strawberries or pineapples?  If cherries, blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries are involved, the dish has its own name.  “Berry” is in it somewhere.  If apple slices, orange wedges, or watermelon chunks make an appearance, “tropical” or “fresh” tends to appear in the name.  When I did an image search of “fruit cup” and “seasonal fruits” the results turned back a more diverse selection of fruits.

And seasonal vegetables? When have you ever ordered it at a restaurant and not received a one or two ingredient variant of squash, zucchini, broccoli, bell peppers,mushrooms, and carrots?

Don’t get me started on mixed vegetables or  vegetable medleys.

image creds: google image search

4 thoughts on “Off Topic: Did you say Seasonal Fruit?

  1. kevmoore

    I’d love for someone to define more me the difference between ‘mixed vegetables’ and a ‘vegetable medley’.

    I have my own:

    mixed veg: various different veg, on a plate

    veg medley: various different veg , on a plate, but $20 dollars more.


    1. sittingpugs Post author

      I think about these things several times a day. Trivial, inconsequential…I’m still stuck on whether or not the phrase “flying projectile” is redundant. I thought perhaps it is since a “projectile” is already “flying,” right? I then wondered if a “projectile” refers to an object that could be launched through the air but hasn’t necessarily been, or if it’s an object that already has been launched. For instance, is a football only a projectile once it’s been thrown?

      From a physics standpoint, yes, “flying projectile” is redundant.

      Someone recently pointed out to me that “flying projectile” is not redundant because projectiles can be launched underwater, in which case they are not “flying” but still traveling through a medium along an accelerated trajectory.

      Mixed vegetables and vegetable medley are just like fuchsia and magenta. They’re the same but different…one could argue that magenta is more red-purple, while fuchsia is more bright red-violet.

  2. Ishtar195

    So hilarious and so true. I dream of tasty fruit salads, but sadly one has to buy the fruits separately and make it oneself so as not to be burdened with watery melons and canteloupes.

    My idea fruit salad:


    It CANT be just a berry dish because I threw an apple in there!!


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