Off Topic: Today’s Verse 43

it’s of dollars
it’s of sense
it’s of fists
and fits
of starts and vintage knits
cackling denaturing
of protein

it’s of hash marks
it’s of losses
it’s of harrisburg lilies
glued to hampshire car parks

leave off the lotion
don’t scent the plastic nearest to my palette
nearest to a hollow compromises
laced with red icons

close the puffy shoulder
close the light
close the board game evenings

dinner costs extra.

— yiqi 28 sept 10 8 AM

Today’s verse partially brought to you by the oddness of this French music video.

2 thoughts on “Off Topic: Today’s Verse 43

  1. Philippe

    Cléopâtre semble un grand spectacle musical, comme *cet video montre.*

    Sofia Essaïdi comme “Cléopâtre”? Oui, elle est aussi séduisante que la jeune Elizabeth Taylor a été.

    Désormais, quand je pense à Cléopâtre, je penserai à Sofia Essaïdi

    J’aime ton poème aussi.


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