NFL 2010: Falcons chicken masaman the Browns

Four games played and three wins thus far, would the Falcons continue coming out on top? Say, in Cleveland, Ohio against the Browns?  Televised by Fox, the Browns started off on offense with Seneca Wallace as quarterback.  They were doing pretty well until Falcons forced a fumble and recovered the ball (two minutes into the game).  Though nothing came of that turnover for Atlanta, and Matt Ryan got sacked two plays later, at least viewers were able to know that today’s game would be anything but lackluster.

The rhythm of the the first quarter’s latter half elevated with a series of complete passes and decent runs.  The Falcons put the first number on the scoreboard with a field goal in the top of the second quarter.  Atlanta 3 and Cleveland 0. When the Browns got the ball next, Seneca Wallace threw a maybe-maybe-not-touchdown to wide receiver Mohammed Massaquoi.  It was ruled not (the Browns didn’t challenge).  A couple plays later, Browns running back Peyton Hillis made a one-handed catch and then galloped into the end zone.  Cleveland 7 and Atlanta 3.

The Browns defense was relentless humming along to the middle of the second quarter.  In one play he ran to his right, could’ve thrown the ball out of bounds but instead found an open Tony Gonzalzez tight end and threw complete.  A few plays later, he ran for the first-down himself.  Matt Bryant put on another FG.  Browns 7 and Atlanta 6.  With just over three minutes left in the second quarter, Falcons running back Michael Turner pushed himself down to the red zone.  Matt Bryant’s attempt to put up another FG was blocked.  Just when the commentators remarked that the Browns defense was tiring on account of the heat and the time spent on field, their special teams prevented the Falcons from taking the lead.

Perhaps the Browns defense was only pretending to be fatigued.  Matt Ryan was sacked two minutes into the third quarter, the ball rolled out of his hands, and the Browns recovered.  Jake Delhomme went in as quarterback for them in the third quarter.  Kicker Phil Dawson increased their lead with a field goal.  Cleveland 10 and Atlanta 6.  The Falcons were not about to keep slipping in offense pressure.  Halfway through the quarter, Matt Ryan vaulted the ball forty-five yards to Falcons wide receiver Roddy White for a touchdown.  Atlanta 13 and Cleveland 10.

The commentators returned to the Browns’ perceived level of exhaustion in the fourth quarter.  SMOKING PECAN SANDIES!!! KROY BIERMANN! With under five minutes left to play, Falcons defensive end Kroy Biermann blocked Jake Delhomme’s pass, recovered the fumble ball, got up, outran a Browns player and ran into the end zone.  When the two-minute warning territory came ’round, Jake Delhomme was intercepted (again) when the ball bounced off someone’s helmet and Falcons outside linebacker Stephen Nicholas made the catch.  Atlanta 20 and Cleveland 10.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Chris Myers and Charles Davis were narrators.  They wore baby shower colors! Myers in a grayish-blue suit, periwinkle button-down shirt, and a tie with periwinkle and dark blue stripes.  Davis wore a dark suit with a white/light pink button-down shirt and a pink and cinnamon striped tie.

2.  The Browns wore dark brown/black jerseys and orange helmets.  They looked like Tootsie roll candies.  The Falcons wore white jerseys and pink gloves.

3.  After Roddy White made the TD catch in the third quarter, he dunked the ball over the crossbar.

4.  “Peyton Hillis is very heavy in his runs.” — Charles Davis in the second half of the fourth quarter.

5.  After Kroy Biermann got in the way of Jake Delhomme’s pass in the bottom of the fourth quarter, he actually caught it.  Biermann caught the ball, kept control of it as he went to the ground (the ball didn’t touch the ground, the play was still good).  The Falcons got an excessive celebration penalty after that TD.  I’m not sure what happened other than Biermann’s being surrounded by teammates.  Group hug.

6.  Did Arthur Blank high-five someone after Biermann’s TD?

Click here for the Falcons’ roster and here for the Browns’ roster.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

3 thoughts on “NFL 2010: Falcons chicken masaman the Browns

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Ha! What’s up. I really wanted some Tootise pops during the game. If it weren’t for the high fructose corn syrup (that I’m pretty sure couldn’t not be an ingredient.”


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