Hyper Trails Mix au Canada

I may not know anyone who lives in Winnipeg, but if I wanted to know what events are affecting the inhabitants of  Manitoba’s capital city, I can find the information in less time than it takes to decide what I’m going to eat for breakfast tomorrow.*

After hitting a few key phrases into a search engine, I decided to click the University of Winnipeg’s official site and browse for an inspiring story.

My findings:

Cinema Politica!

Master of Science in Bioscience, Technology, and Public Policy!

Kinesiology and Applied Health?!

Theatre and Film!

German-Canadian Studies?!

And of course, I had to youtube “University of Winnipeg.”
Notable results include: Dubs, Welcome to the 80s in Winnipeg, Downtown Winnipeg in the 21st Century, Driving in Winnipeg, Me Go Shopping, Eh?, Bow and Arrow.

And now for some actual news:

Watermelon transporter!

Drug raid.

Wearing the wrong colors in the wrong place and probably at the wrong time.

Sculpture stolen!

Steven Jyles indeed.


View the original image here.

*Provided of course that I have highspeed internet.  Why Winnipeg? Why not.  It just came to me quand je me suis lavee les mains.

5 thoughts on “Hyper Trails Mix au Canada

  1. Philippe

    C’est incroyable qu’il y a des gens qui vivent au nord du 49e parallèle, et qu’ils étudient dans une université et qu’ils regardent des films.

    Combien d’Américains sont au courant de cela?

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      et qu’ils étudient dans une université et qu’ils regardent des films.

      Do I detect sarcasm? ~_~

      I thought it was neat U Winnipeg put theatre and film together (rather than theatre and dance together, and film with some other grouping of visual arts as would be the case aux etas-unis). Northwestern University, par exemple, has Theatre & Drama, a film and media studies minor housed in the department of radio, TV, and film; animate arts (which may or may not incorporate aspects of film production), art theory and practice (which may or may not also incorporate aspects of film theory and production).

      Schools like UCLA, USC, NYU, and Columbia, that have a reputation of merging film academia and film careers, don’t mess around with putting film studies/production in other departments (or if they do, it’s akin to how UCLA , NYU, and Columbia do it).

  2. Philippe

    “Do I detect sarcasm?”

    Perish the thought.

    Although beyond the radar of most citizens of the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, Canada has nevertheless been, and continues to be, important in the film milieu.

    Think of Canadian films like In Praise of Older Women, Exotica, I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing, The Decline of the American Empire, The Red Violin, Jesus of Montreal, Margaret’s Museum, and The Sweet Hereafter.

    Think of famous Canadian film directors like Atom Egoyan, Norman Jewison, James Cameron, David Cronenberg, and Mack Sennett

    Think of famous Canadian actors like Dan Aykroyd , Keanu Reeves, Bruce Greenwood, Geneviève Bujold, Raymond Burr, Kim Cattrall, Rae Dawn Chong, Sandra Oh, Michael J. Fox , Lorne Greene, Walter Huston, Anna Paquin, Donald Sutherland and his boy Kiefer.

    Think of the Toronto Film Festival, now one of the film festivals which count; and that Vancouver BC is the third largest film and production centre in North America.

    I could go on and on, but time and space don’t allow me.

    Perhaps Canada’s excellence in the milieu of film is because of government funding of Canadian films, and of the existence of the National Film Board of Canada which has an international reputation for its animated and documentary films.

    Of course, this being SOCIALISM, you could never have such a set-up in the US. Not that there’s anything wrong in that.

    It isn’t only in film where Canadians have made their mark. Think also football.

    Where would you in the US be without OJ Atogwe, Nate Burleson, Cory Greenwood, Israel Odonijie, Nick Kaczur, LP Ladouceur, Vaughn Martin, Jon Ryan, and Jamaal Westerman – proud Canadians all.

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      I’d say the majority of American film talent was born in Canada and other former British colonies (current common wealths).

      I really was pointing to the combining of theatre and film in one academic program (department). It makes sense to do that…

  3. Philippe

    “……I’d say the majority of American film talent was born in Canada and other former British colonies…….”

    I’m not sure whether non-American native English-speaking actors and directors form the majority of film talent in America, but they are certainly very prominent.

    It used to be considered that Britain’s strong theatrical tradition, in which most British film actors were trained, gave British actors an advantage over native-born American actors when they went to Hollywood.

    All this said, America has nurtured lots and lots of great theatrical and filmic native-born talent of its own; and America has produced some of the greatest films ever made.


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