NFL 2010: Falcons smoke the Bengals brisket

The Cincinnati Bengals sprinted south to the Georgia Dome to compare notes with the Atlanta Falcons.  Broadcast on CBS, the Falcons went on offense first.  Quarterback Matt Ryan and wide receiver Roddy White made two superb plays three minutes into the game.  Three plays later, Matt Ryan threw a touchdown pass to wide receiver Brian Finneran, who caught the ball while leaping horizontally in the back of the end zone).  Atlanta 7 and Cincinnati o.  Carson Palmer quarterbacked for the Bengals.  Despite a few solid passing plays, Cincinnati had to punt the ball away.  The Bengals defense in turn forced the Falcons to punt the ball away.  Cincinnati’s offense shaped up enough to move down the field.  A defensive pass interference call put the ball all the way down in the red zone.  Would the Falcons be able to keep the Bengals from scoring?  A touchdown was prevented but the Bengals were able to get a twenty-yard field goal courtesy of kicker Mike Nugent.  Atlanta 7 and Cincinnati 3.

The second quarter started with suck sparks as Roddy White made a one-handed catch down the sidelines.  The Falcons increased their score with a field goal.  When Cincinnati went back on offense Bengals running back Cedric Benson appeared to have lost control of the ball, which Falcons cornerback Brent Grimes appeared to have recovered for a TD.  The Bengals challenged whether or not Benson caught the ball and maintained possession, they won it.  Atlanta 10 and Cincinnati 3.  When the Falcons returned to offense in the top of the second quarter, Roddy White proved his mettle once again with an enormous nineteen-yard catch.  FANCY FRESH STIR-FRY TOFU!!!  Matt Ryan’s next pass and White’s next catch were even more stupendous as they connected forty-three yards for a TD.  That was a beauty.  Ryan ran down to the end zone to congratulate White.  Atlanta 17 and Cincinnati 3.  In the seven minutes before halftime, Falcons running back Michael Turner demonstrated his athletic abilities by staying upright and “jogging” while half a dozen Bengals tried to bring him to the ground.  With a minute left in the quarter, Turner ran the ball into the end zone.  Atlanta 24 and Cincinnati 3.  Mike Nugent went on the field for a fifty-three yard FG attempt with two seconds left in the first half.  It was no good.

Six minutes of the third quarter elapsed when Mike Nugent made a thirty-three yard FG.  Atlanta 24 and Cincinnati 6.  Six minutes later, non-Cowboy Terrell Owens ran the ball in for a TD.  Atlanta 24 and Cincinnati 13.  Matt Ryan threw an interception in the bottom of the third quarter.  Bengals cornerback Leon Hall got his hands on the ball meant for wide receiver Michael Jenkins.  Bengals wide receiver Jordan Shipley ran sixty-some-odd yards for a TD a couple plays later.  They decided to go for a two-point conversion, but it didn’t work.  Atlanta 24 and Cincinnati 19.  Clearly, the Bengals would not fold so early.  WHAT THE GOYA?!!  When the Falcons got the ball back, Roddy White lost the ball and Bengals cornerback Adam Jones took that ball all the way back for a TD.  Mike Smith challenged whether the ball was still live or not when it came out of White’s hands.  From the televised replays, it would appear that Smith would lose the challenge.  Cincinnati 25 and Atlanta 24.  Another two-point conversion attempt was no good.

The Falcons had better do something–remember Bruce Lee’s words: Never take your eyes off your opponent even when you bow.  The fourth quarter began with a glimmer of redemption for the Falcons as tight end Tony Gonzalez made a crucial catch in the red zone and then Roddy White made a TD.  The Falcons decided to go for a two-point conversion…and SCRUMPTIOUS MACADEMIA NUTS!!!  It was good! Roddy White made the conversion catch!!!  Atlanta 32 and Cincinnati 25.  Did Terrell Owens make a TD upon the Bengals’ next possession? No, he did not.  His left foot went out of bounds when he was still five yards away from the goal line.  Bengals running back Cedric Benson lost the ball a play later and the Falcons recovered the fumble.  Matt Ryan got hit hard in the bottom of the quarter.  He decided to head to the sidelines; Chris Redman went in on QB for one play so that Ryan could catch his breath.  He handed the ball to Michael Turner, who was able to slice through the front right corner of the end zone.  Atlanta 39 and Cincinnati 25.  Bengals Chad Ochocinco made a TD catch with ninety seconds left in the game.  Atlanta 39 and Cincinnati 32.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker provided narration.  Their attire was not memorable.

2. When returning from the commercial break that followed Mike Nugent’s first quarter FG, a camera went to a medium shot of Cedric Benson sitting on the sidelines.  Offensive tackle Dennis Roland was standing between Benson and the camera.  In profile shot, Roland bore a striking resemblance to actor Owain Yeoman.

3.  CBS has a new replay graphic called “double vision,” which is like picture-in-picture and the split screen effect, where one view of a play is in one window and another view of the play is in the other.  In the case of the Ryan-White forty-three yard TD catch, quarterback was in the window on the right (profile view) and receiver was in the window on the left.

4.  Falcons owner Arthur Blank was pacing the sidelines in the bottom of the fourth quarter.

Click here for the Falcons’ roster, here for the Bengals.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

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