World Series 2010 Game 5: Giants moonlight bays the Rangers

I kept a star in San Francisco, cupped to a wheel, she shines for me.   Like the luminosity of intergalactic memories, the San Francisco Giants have shined thrice already in the World Series.  Out-pitching and out-batting the Texas Rangers in three of four games thus far, the Giants were out to cradle the entire crown in Game 5.  Broadcast on Fox, the first inning began with Cliff Lee pitching for the Rangers and continued with Tim Lincecum pitching for the Giants.  Both teams displayed defense mettle through 4.5 innings.  It wasn’t until the bottom of the fourth that the Rangers got their first base hit of the evening (courtesy of Michael Young).


Five innings came and went with no score.  Cliff Lee and Tim Lincecum were that good.  Offensive prowess was on the wane until Giants infielder Freddy Sanchez got a base hit.  Giants catcher Buster Posey then almost hit another homerun (Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz caught the ball against the back wall).  Cody Ross and Juan Uribe of the Giants both got base hits.  Two batters later, Edgar Renteria knocked Lee’s ball out of the park.  The Rangers still had a lot to give as Nelson Cruz hit a solo homerun.  San Francisco 3 and Texas 1.  Neftali Feliz replaced Cliff Lee as pitcher in the eighth inning.  Brian Wilson took on pitching duties for the Giants in the ninth inning.



Pitchers for the Giants were Tim Lincecum and Brian Wilson.

Pitchers for the Rangers were Cliff Lee and Neftali Feliz.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  The National Anthem was performed by Charley Pride.  It sounded very light and peppy, and yet slow like honey.

2.  Joe Buck and Tim McCarver served as narrators again.  Buck wore a black suit, a white and light blue striped button-down shirt, and a blue paisley tie.  Wow.  McCarver wore nearly the same outfit–only with a dark navy, cube-patterned suit, and a solid light bluish-gray tie.

3.  Cliff Lee reminds me of actors Anthony Perkins and Josh Hamilton.

4.  I want to braid Tim Lincecum’s hair–after it’s freshly shampooed.

5.  Former President and First Lady sat just behind home base.

6.  In the top of the seventh inning, with Cody Ross on third and Juan Uribe on second, a camera cut to Tim Lincecum with a Gatorade towel draped around his head.  He looked like he was hiding.  C’est mignonC’est tres adorable.

7.  Mollie Corbett sang “God Bless America.”  Her husband is in the air force (?).  She has a comforting voice.

Click here for the Giants’ roster and here for the Rangers’ roster.

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5 thoughts on “World Series 2010 Game 5: Giants moonlight bays the Rangers

  1. World Series Singer Mollie Corbett

    sittingpugs, I want to thank you deeply for your kind compliment regarding my 2010 World Series Game 5 7th-inning-stretch performance, and I did not mean to use that many words in the first half of my sentence–just want to be specific. 🙂 Please consider following me on twitter (!/molliewcorbett) and/or liking my facebook fan page, where I have uploaded video as well as an original song for your pleasure (hopefully). I’m honored you took the time to write my name into your blog. And, yes, my husband IS in the Air Force. Much love!

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Hi Mollie! Thank you for doing the requisite googling and finding your way to my blog. Was it a surreal experience to sing in Game 5? My favorite part was when you sang “land that I love….” something about that “I.”

      I would follow you on Twitter, alas, I do not Twitter. I do Bookface, though.

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