Off Topic: I like Chinese

I am Chinese.*

“Yi zhi xiang” as in “keep thinking,” is first tone, second tone, third tone.  So the “yee” requires a level inflection in voice.  “Zhi” requires an upwards “huhn?” slant, and the “xiang,” involves moving your voice down and up like a check mark.

For “keep smelling good” and “keep resembling,” the “yi zhi” are pronounced the same with the same inflections as “keep thinking.”  But, the “xiang” is level in “smelling good” and downwards (like a “no!”) in “resembling.”

Show of hands…will you go holiday shopping on Friday?

* I suppose politically and culturally, I identify more with “Taiwanese,” but because I was not born there nor do I know how to speak Taiwanese (other than “wa gah li pa), I wouldn’t say “I’m Taiwanese (American).”

4 thoughts on “Off Topic: I like Chinese

  1. Philippe

    Parlant l’anglais, français et mandarin, tu es très cosmopolite.

    Parce que tu habites en Amérique, parles tu aussi l’espagnol?

        1. sittingpugs Post author

          Very random and my pronunciation is probably bad. I can say stuff like

          Gong Hei Lei (congratulations, which in Mandarin would be Gong Xi Le).

          I’ve wanted to learn more Cantonese but haven’t gotten around to it.

          Random German! I took six weeks of it in sixth grade. I can count to 100.


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