NFL 2010: Falcons Snow-Collapse the Panthers

It’s been a Sitting Pugs tradition to watch the Army-Navy game, but this year something of greater value and importance transpired,  thus, I had to bow out of Black Knights-Midshipmen revelry.  Turns out, Navy left the Army all shook up with a 31 to 17 victory.  Click here for summary, stats, and play-by-play.  The Navy out-scored the Army in 2009, 2008, and 2007.

On the topic of college ball, I may or may not be able to view and blog about as many Bowl Games like I have in previous years.  Click here to find out all the names and teams.

Before I get to today’s pomp and cirumstance, in the words of a friend, “snow vs. metrodome – 1 to 0.” has these added comments.

And now for your regularly scheduled blog:  The Atlanta Falcons at the Carolina Panthers.  Will the Falcons nab another victory and get their foot on a playoff spot?  The first quarter began with the Panthers on offense.  One play into their possession, a loose ball was recovered by the Falcons.  One complete pass to wide receiver Roddy White and one stretch of running by Michael Turner later, tight end Tony Gonzalez made a touchdown catch in the end zone.  Atlanta 7 and Carolina 0.  Seven minutes later, quarterback Matt Ryan threw a stunning forty-some-odd yard pass to wide receiver Henry Douglas.  The next play led to Michael Turner making his way to the one yard line, just shy of the Panters’ end zone.  Carolina’s head coach John Fox challenged the on-field call of a non-fumble (did Panthers linebacker Jordan Senn rip the ball out before Turner was down by contact?).  The Panthers lost that challenge.  Two subsequent attempts to get into the end zone were unsuccessful (including one try where Matt Ryan got tapped and was brought down just outside the goal line), and then Michael Turner got his body in for TD.  Atlanta 14 and Carolina 0.

The second quarter commenced with Panthers defensive end Charles Johnson sacking Matt Ryan.  The bottom of the second quarter said hello to a thirty-nine yard Matt Bryant field goal.  Atlanta 17 and Carolina 0.  Panthers cornerback Richard Marshall intercepted Matt Ryan as the second quarter ended.  The third quarter greeted the Panthers with a TD, courtesy of running back Mike Goodson.  Atlanta 17 and Carolina 7.  The Panthers were doing well defensively through the middle of this quarter…that is until the bottom of the third when Michael Turner made another rushing TD.  Atlanta 24 and Carolina 7.

Six minutes into the fourth quarter, the Panthers increased their lead with a FG.  Atlanta 24 and Carolina 10.  With six minutes left in the game, Falcons linebacker Stephen Nicholas re-routed the trajectory of rookie Panthers QB Jimmy Clausen’s pass and facilitated an interception made by outside linebacker Mike Peterson.  Michael Turner made yet another TD shortly thereafter.  He just jogged himself and the ball right into the end zone.  Atlanta 31 and Carolina 10.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Commentary was supplied by Ron Pitts and John Lynch.

2.  Those Carolina Panther cheerleaders’ pom-poms are a gorgeous blue.

3.  In the bottom of the first quarter, Matt Ryan threw the ball to Michael Turner, who then got the first down and ran into the sidelines.  When he got up, the camera was still on him–his right elbow was smudged with black stuff…like soot. I suspect that it is from the black coating on the end zones.

4.  I’ve noticed in the last couple of seasons that the third quarter is often a momentum-shifter for Atlanta.  If they have a good first half, they are more prone to making mistakes in the third.  But, if the first half is not too great, then the third tends to be an offensive boon.

5.  Jimmy Clausen was the QB for Notre Dame for the last few years.

6.  Arthur Blank was walking around the sidelines.  He wore a beige coat (like a detective might wear).

Click here for the Falcons’ roster and the Panthers’ roster here.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

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