Inching towards Super Bowl XLV

The Chicago Bears, the Green Bay Packers, the New York Jets, and the Pittsburgh Steelers are one step closer to the golden prize in the NFL.  That’s right — the Bears beat the Seattle Seahawks (which may not have been such a shocker to some of you), and the Jets beat the New England Patriots (which may have been a profound shock to some of you.

The NFC Championship will be on Sunday, January 23 at 3 PM on Fox.
The AFC Championship will also be on Sunday, January 23 at 6:30 PM on CBS.


And now for something different:

Cinematical on the cinema of Ed Wood.

Leave Me Alone coupon.  But if a coupon exists to allow someone to purchase a product or a service at a discounted price, could you really have one that instructs someone being left alone? Who’s receiving or giving the discount? Or, is it more about…”By giving you this coupon, I am requesting you leave me alone without my having to justify or explain my reasons for wanting to redeem this piece of paper at this time.”

I’m digging the mise-en-scene of 4th and Flatiron.

Outsmart the Airlines? You sure?

One thought on “Inching towards Super Bowl XLV

  1. kevmoore

    I like the idea of a ‘leave me alone coupon’. I think it could really catch on. the trouble is, you’d have to interact with someone to redeem it….mmmmmm

    I liked the ‘business card’ one of my band was given by our U.S. management when we were touring the West Coast. It said;

    “I am a p*ssed-up bast*ard, if you find me, put me in a taxi and send me home to (management address) where the cab fare will be paid.” I thought it was an extremely useful thing. 🙂


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