Off Topic: Today’s Verse 51

A lass again.  Not again.  It just gets more and more foreboding, doesn’t it?


In the dust of a quiet afternoon, this dreamer and contender cowers,
skewered by radiant visions of a city free from repression

Twice-told incantations, so hypnotic and redeeming,
yet leaves her shivering

Did she forget her permission slip?
Or was hers too unprecedented

Trapezoids abound where normally there are squares,
Cylinders drip where there should be polka dots and triangles

Or did she wander into the wrong border gate?
Did the wind thrust her off-course?

Did the border guard find her brush strokes and hand-crafted identity
too mesmerizing to resist —
a closer look, another touch, a saturated sample —
with no intention of letting her pass?

Did curiosity disguise itself as intention, hoping its twin would never find out

that a new sun was yearned for
with never before a reason to hope

for something more.

— yiqi 17 2011

Kind of an abrupt ending, I know…not my best but the muse is fickle.

2 thoughts on “Off Topic: Today’s Verse 51

  1. kevmoore

    If I may be so bold , I would finish it by adding:

    the sun regrets, retires
    …and the hope lies bleeding
    In the dust of a quiet afternoon

    Your first three lines are wonderful. Great poem, Stina! 🙂

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      That would indeed be a great ending, were it not for its downbeat aftertaste. =(

      Were I merely make-believing, were the inspiration for the poem something I weren’t wholly invested in, I would work in your suggestion.


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