Inching towards Super Bowl XLV Part Deux

I didn’t watch the AFC or the NFC Championship games that took place over the weekend.   Just when I was debating whether or not to watch, with rapt attention, any or all of the big game, I stumbled upon I Trust Ron Freeman‘s “Freshly Pressed” entry about “Who to Root for in the Super Bowl.”  Whether or not he meant to begin his post so humorously, he had me in stitches before sunrise on the east coast.  Observe:

Some of you will suddenly announce that the Green Bay Packers have always been your second favorite team and that you’ll be rooting for them.  There is nothing more pathetic than having a second favorite team.  Fans with a second favorite team are fans who are continually disappointed by their real favorite team.  To counteract that, they will routinely announce the Steelers or the Patriots or the Colts as their “second favorite team”.  Nobody ever says the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are their second favorite team…There is no shame in being a Detroit Lions fan, but there is shame in a Lions fan pretending to be a Packers fan in order to feast on the sloppy seconds of glory.

Ron Freeman later discusses his method in deciding which Super Bowl-bound team will receive his enthusiastic support.


The laughs continue throughout the post.  My sides hurt by the time I was done reading it.

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