Movement Confession

Herein lies the most profound confession of them all.  Youthful longings and daydreams tabled out of misguided, intellectual transcendence…or out of desperate self-preservation.  And now resumes the wanting that Alain de Botton eloquently illustrates:

9 thoughts on “Movement Confession

  1. Kennedy Wong

    Farcial Rounds of Miscommunication, Lazily referred to as relationships = Best Definition EVER!!!…Ms. Pugs, ur last two posts were certainly captivating…u certainly have a talent for providing synopsis..synopses (not sure which one is correct)! This one however has tugged at me to put down a couple words….partially because I just enjoyed 500 Days of Summer…However, I think the whole Alice, (which I love the name because isn’t everyone named Alice in a perpetual Wonderland, basing their interaction on their dreams and hopes ….just like it makes me wonder if all named Juliet are destined to be a pawn in some tragic affair of the big muscle in your chest? Anyway I’m off topic) brings up some age old questions that I am surprised there are no definite answers to….Like this one: Which is worse, the feeling of settling for constant farcial communications with someone that does not possess the qualities you dreamed of or being completely out of touch with the reality of the human condition and not realizing that not only are you standards unattainable for mere mortals but that Prince Charming only exists in Orlando?

    Would luv to hear your ruminations on these things…..and sorry for writing so much!!

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      I’ve not seen 500 Days of Summer, perhaps I should? ^_^ In fact, I refused to watch it when it was all the rave/rage/crave precisely because of its subject matter and themes.

      I gravitate towards similar/related narratives that manifest themselves in the forms of My So-Called Life, The Exploding Girl, The L-Word, and A Room With a View.

      And then there’s Funny Face. I wrote that post four years ago. In re-reading it, I find more to add, especially regarding what I said about:

      There’s a pretty big range of what is considered normal and abnormal and for some reason, little to no desire to copulate or express affection through physical intimacy is the weirdest of them all.

      I now wonder if society deems it weirder (and abhorrent), more pathetic, and more self-defeating to express affection and to nurture a connection with another human being through physical intimacy without the pomp-and-circumstance of heteronormativity.

      Well, I say bollocks to that. The timing may not be ideal, but life is too short not to seize satisfaction and ecstasy, especially if you’ve found it.

      With regards to your question…you cannot settle if you’re afraid to be alone or that you won’t have anyone with whom you can grow old. While it’s not impossible to learn how to care about, admire, or adore someone, you shouldn’t settle for someone who doesn’t speak to your soul. A life partner needs to be more than someone you can get along with, more than someone you don’t despise. The tough part is locating the frequency to your soul and determining if you have more than one frequency or if it may change as you get older.

      To be awarded with that kind of experience, though, a person must be brave enough to recognize and admit to himself that his frequency has changed, or whatever programming that sustained the station thus far isn’t enough.

      1. Kennedy Wong

        Woooo!! “The Frequency to Your Soul” that’s deep..and now some derivation of that will be used as a pick up line at the next bar I go to! lol And I agree with your diagnosis about going for what you want regardless of what society deems normal or non normal. Although, as a disclaimer, I’ve never been one to care too much about labels or what others do.

        and I’ll def check out Fancy Face as u should 500 Days, its become a new fave of mine. Let me know when and if u do….would love to hear ur thoughts on it!

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  3. sittingpugs Post author

    Although, as a disclaimer, I’ve never been one to care too much about labels or what others do.

    At best, society as a whole doesn’t care how people take their coffee, their rum, their morning exercise, their commute or their leisure activities. At worst, however, society as manifested and channeled through individuals can harbor intensely conflicting and discordant views on other people’s experiences and pursuits of contentedness.

    Usually, there are institutional values or norms in the mix. Not to open up a can of deist worms here, but how many denominations of Christianity are there? And to some, it is a matter of eternal life or eternal damnation how to be a “good” Christian. Similarly, some people think there is a “right” and “wrong” way to be in love or experience it. Again, bollocks to that. So long as nobody is giving each other black eyes, dislocated limbs or a trip to the ER, why can’t we grant a “to each his own” on passion just as we would on how one takes their tea?

    1. Kennedy Wong

      agreed and I don’t even think you have to go as far as looking at that Pandora’s Box of faith….an example that brings this full circle, and as we hit on earlier….look at what happens when those same “discordant views” are placed on a person’s happiness or intimate relationship with another. B/c of some more traditional “societies/group” views which are still very persistent..”U shouldn’t be with that person, b/c he’s not cool enuff 4 u” or “We refuse to give u our blessings to be with that person b/c he’s not the same age, creed, belief system or 0.4% genetic make-up as you”…The first might be infinitely more easy to dismiss…however the 2nd decree, which too often comes from familial or other personal influences, might be a lot harder to disavow. So in my humble viewpoint, if you are committed and truly passionate, u must be as willing to resist the either regardless of how difficult! For me this is a true definition of being impervious to labels and societal pressures when you are passionate.

      1. sittingpugs Post author

        So in my humble viewpoint, if you are committed and truly passionate, u must be as willing to resist the either regardless of how difficult!

        I’ll imbibe to that…

        What’s more, the path of least resistance isn’t necessarily the right or best route. A friend told me not too long ago, “Don’t worry about which path you take. Set your sights strictly on what you want, and the easiest path will naturally reveal itself to you.”

        I agree.


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