Simultaneously Conflicting Theories

Can you hold two conflicting theories inside your head?  Like the lady in the lake who neither drowns nor floats; instead, she hugs the algae colonies that spin under the surface of the water.

Can you tease out the lessons your brethren pleaded you to learn?

And if you should be able to house two opposing agendas inside your mind, would you accept it as a gift or excise it as if it were a disease?

But more importantly, have you ever gone to bed or woken up and not remembered how you got there?


6 thoughts on “Simultaneously Conflicting Theories

  1. jammer5

    Interesting. Something, as an example: I hate abortions, but they’re legal; how can I condemn a woman if I hate it, but don’t know why she got one.

    Or, I know red meat’s bad for me; I want red meat so I’m going to pig out.


    1. sittingpugs Post author

      The latter, a conundrum, yes.

      The former, I’m glad you pointed out the “but don’t know why she got one.”

      Got me thinking…there’s no romanticized view of abortion–the context, the details, the mitigating factors. There is, however, a romanticized view of the mother giving her child away. When that child gets older, he may think, “What if her parents made her, what if she really thought I would have a better life…”

      Cynical tendencies notwithstanding, that child wouldn’t jump to the thought, “What if she didn’t want me and abortion wasn’t an option” until there’s reason to consider it.

      1. jammer5

        Personalized versus unpersonalized. I imagine being on the outside looking in creates a conundrum in itself. Can a person on the outside understand, and relate to, what the person on the inside thinks, or feels? Can it be expressed to the satisfaction of both?

        As a side note: Have you seen Hanna? The juxtaposition between Hanna’s assassin character and the socially awkward one was, I thought, brilliantly written and performed. Almost like two separate movies.


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