NFL News: Thank the Sweetness that is the Judicial Branch

Or not:  Step on over to ESPN for updates.



The Judicial Branch on the federal level.  I now will have something to keep me cheerful, entertained, and sane after summer ends.  The strike is over; there will be an NFL 2011 season.  Scoot your keystrokes and mousepad manipulations over to Sports Illustrated for details.  Ming is very happy.

I like Thomas Dimitroff’s tie.


In other sports news, the Atlanta Hawks!

7 thoughts on “NFL News: Thank the Sweetness that is the Judicial Branch

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Oui. I’ll never take (televised) professional sports for granted again, even if I’m not a fan of a certain sport. I can now put myself in the shoes of any sports fan and imagine the agony of not having something to look forward to every weekend.

  1. sportsattitudes

    This NFL lockout thing has really gotten out of hand, hasn’t it? The Draft is going on at the same time the league is still trying to block the players from reporting for duty. Insane at best. Perhaps the league office should be tested for concussions?

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Concussions…ooo, sleep-tackling! If not tested for possible cognitive/neurological malfunctions then perhaps a two-day seminar on

      Do You Really Want To Be The Reason A Substantial Part Of Your Fan Base Blames You For No More Weekends For Guy Time?

      Do You Want On-The-Fence Fans Of Other Professional Sports To Convert?

      And last but not least,

      Do You Remember How Hard It Was To Not Anger More College Football Fans Let Alone Gain A Loyal Fan Base? (which, by the way, wouldn’t have happened so quickly without the help of the TV industry; do you even want to consider more fall-out that could take place vis-a-vis ever-changing internet technologies? I think not).

  2. jammer5

    Not quite over. Still the financial part that could derail the whole thing. Personally, I’d hate to see cross-over players like we did last time this happened. It didn’t seem like pro-ball then.

  3. sportsattitudes

    The arrogance of not being able to agree on financials when the sport is one of the economic engines still working in this country. It makes the blood boil. I do believe while the league will be very unlikely to try to field teams with replacement players…there will be a percentage of players who get very antsy very quickly with regard to not getting paychecks and try to cross the picket lines that will form if this doesn’t get done soon. Some players already have tried to force their way into the negotiations feeling they were not being represented – remember, there is no union on paper anymore. Those are the ones that will try to get into training camps…and that’s when it gets really ugly.


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