Artist Verse 1: On How to be Lovely

Detour: Even if the NFL and its 2000 parts cannot come to an agreement about how to proceed this fall, at least there’s college football.  Hopefully by the start of either season, I’ll have ESPN and have something to look forward to every Saturday.

Retour: Audrey Hepburn would have been eighty-two years old today.  Here is my tribute.

Always, until the charade,
a funny hour sizzles
at the road,
the children’s mansions
Green in one afternoon

When the secret lady laughed,
a million young thieves all wait,
Wives’ wild war for breakfast,
mob the tale
baby the lavender face

It, peace in Monte Carlo,
the people love a dark Paris
My Roman bloodline,
the nun’s holiday, unforgiven story

Two, a Robin hill Paradise,
Among laughter and oat
how to Tiffany’s
Sabrina and Marian,
they steal.

— yiqi 4 may 2011 5:02 pm


Watch Audrey Hepburn in action here.

2 thoughts on “Artist Verse 1: On How to be Lovely

  1. sportsattitudes

    Yes, College Football every Saturday…and Thursdays…and once we hit November, there’s practically a college game on every night! Football will be with us…just may be the guys who get paid a little less…(insert sarcasm and reality here). Audrey will always be with us as well.


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