It’s Not Unusual

Before we get to the light matter, I must mention a dark matter.  What began as simply a means to clean table tops at coffee houses, cutely referred to as a “nervous habit,” has taken on a more hard-boiled-Woody-Allen dimension.  My table-wiping movements typically do not attract much attention.  Whenever a barista offers to wipe the table for me,  all I’d have to do is smile and mention “nervous habit” and they go on about their business.  On Saturday, however, at a Starbux that I haven’t gone to in many months, my “pre-game” ritual was not only interrupted mid-motion but was also terminated.  The barista didn’t interpret my “nervous habit” comment coupled with “I wipe my work desk ten times a day” in the intended manner.  Instead, she took over the towel-to-table task and left me on the sidelines.

Seconds after she was done I looked down at the surface–it was still dusty and crusty.  I stood there in the middle of the espresso-dispensing store, my mind steadily infiltrated by panic.

I was not bothered by the presence or absence of bacteria or crumbs.   Even ostensibly “clean” (as in not sticky) table tops still get a Sitting Pugs wipe-down.  I knew that I had to continue with my ritual, otherwise, I would be uneasy and bolt out the door.  When I ordered my iced beverage, I also asked for a cup of ice.  I used the ice to re-moisten the table.  I made sure that same barista was not within view.

I felt much better after I finished.

Moral of the story: If ming wants to wipe a table, yoo let ming do it.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post:

And it has made my morning.  Both of these clips have made my morning.  Laughter really is good medicine.

Frezned is a favorite YT destination.  I’ve been watching his videos for a long time.

9 thoughts on “It’s Not Unusual

  1. Philippe

    Some months ago you wrote about a dream you’d had, in which you were in a very clean bathroom.

    Perhaps this dream, and your mania for wiping table tops are connected?

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      I remember that dream…and you had an insightful analysis of it.

      Where else do I have a mania for wiping things…

      – various parts of my car, my work desk, my laptop, my hands, my mobile.
      – any possession that gets sticky

      Where do I not exhibit desire to wipe counters?

      – various parts of my house. In fact, unless it’s regarding food or beverage droplets on the dining room table during meals, I don’t clean at home (but such will change after I get my own lair ^_^).

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      I actually read “missles” as “missiles” the first time through. “Miss Les” looks like a contemporary version of “Les Mis.” Ha!

      Where’s Jean ValJean when you need him?

  2. jammer5

    My steering wheel. I seem to think if it’s not clean, I’ll lose control. No accounting for weirdnesses (?).

    A dancing soldier, both ironic and bizarre. Loved it.


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