Life Imitates Headlines

When headline news articles aren’t shocking and awing readers with tales of felonies, impropriety, idiocy, or absurdity, they’re smothering our senses with narratives of unbridled altruism, selflessness, and cuteness.  It’s enough to make one cringe…


or get really angry or depressed because people are unable to be so kind to each other all the time.

I like performing random acts of kindness–I enjoy opening doors for people, helping them carry objects if it appears that said objects may fall down before the people reach their destination.  I like helping people google search answers to their questions about how things work, and why other things don’t work.

I don’t make it a daily goal to lend a hand or an ear, but today I had the opportunity to lend napkins and a cup of water to someone who was feeling unwell.

This afternoon while I was en route to purchase a beverage, as I was approaching an intersection, I noticed a sedan on the right side of the road, an overturned truck on the left side of the road, and people pacing around on the asphalt.  There had been an accident.  The cars coming from the opposite direction, on the other side of the intersection, were inching their way over the debris that was being cleared away by the occupants of the truck.  The taxi in front of me couldn’t see beyond the cars in front of it so it had no way of knowing why nobody was going when the light was green.*

Suddenly, a white SUV from behind me sped towards the left turning lane.  One of the passengers jumped out and jogged to the men standing by the truck.  Moments later, a jeep pulled up, its driver leaped out and ran in the same direction.  I thought the people in these two cars knew the men–but they didn’t.  Turns out, the occupants of these two cars were just trying to see if anyone in or near the truck was injured (and probably to ask if any help was needed).

When the cars in front of me began to move, and I had driven through the scene, I thought to myself, “Wow, that was really cool.” **  A couple intersections later, I felt quite moved.  It’s one thing to read about good samaritan stories, it’s another to witness one.

* Frankly, I don’t believe he gave a flying freedonia either.  The white SUV was able to merge back into the go-straight lane after its passenger hopped back into the car.  The taxi, however, wouldn’t let in the jeep.  I remained nearly two car lengths away so that the driver of the jeep knew that I was allowing him to get in front of me.

** There was actually another car involved in the accident; it was obscured by the truck.  I didn’t see the third car until I was gingerly maneuvering through the intersection.

3 thoughts on “Life Imitates Headlines

  1. sportsattitudes

    Back when 9/11 happened, you could see folks doing random acts of kindness right and left. I don’t think my perception of the volume was just because I was looking for them. There were tangible signs we had softened our hardness as a society. I try to keep that same spirit daily and hope others will as well. Well said!


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