NFL 2011: Packers start the Point

I may not have done mental somersaults anticipating the start of NFL 2011, but how could I not watch the season opener?  I’ve decided to change the structure of my game posts.  I’m moving away from the essay/narrative and adopting a more stream-of-consciousness, talking-aloud-to-myself format.

What: Game 1
Who: New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers
Where: Lambeau Field
When: Thursday Sept. 8, 2011

First $0.25:
– Aaron Rodgers quarterbacked for Green Bay.  Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings made the first touchdown of the game, five minutes into the first quarter.  A possession later, wide receiver Jordy Nelson made a TD for Green Bay.
– Drew Brees quarterbacked for New Orleans.  Saints wide receiver Robert Meachem made a TD catch in the bottom of the quarter.
– Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb increased his team’s lead with a TD.

– Score – 21 GB and 7 NO

Second $0.25:
– Saints began the quarter with a field goal.  Late on, running back Darren Sproles returned a punt for a seventy-two yard TD.
– Packers running back James Starks nabbed a TD at the bottom of the quarter.

– Score – 28 GB and 17 NO.

Third $0.25:
– Saints picked up a FG for starters; wide receiver Devery Henderson brought smiles to his mates with a TD later in the quarter.
– Randall Cobb smelled end zone turf again.

– Score – 35 GB and 27 NO.

Fourth $0.25:
–  Packers fullback John Kuhn marched his body into the end zone at the top of the quarter.
– Saints tight end Jimmy Graham cut into the bottom right corner of the end zone at the bottom of the quarter.

Final Score:  42 GB and 34 NO.  So close and yet so far for the Saints.

Miscellaneous Observations:

1.  Broadcast on NBC with Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth narrating.

2.  The Saints wore white jerseys and gold/black pants.   The gold appeared so pale it looked like champagne.

3.  Is it my imagination or are the yard lines thicker?

4.  I started watching the game three minutes into the first quarter.  I’ve watched nearly every televised moment since and neither Al Michaels nor Cris Collinsworth have had any screen time until the end of the first half.

5.  Peyton Manning is 35 years-old?!

6.  I got distracted in the third quarter by local news.  Whenever I remembered to flip back to the game, it would be a commercial.

7.  Upon returning from such a break, Al Michaels plugged “America’s Got Talent.”  Cris Collinsworth made a comment about “America’s got talent on the field too.”  Funny.

8.  Is Ben Affleck the voice behind the Madden 12: Replay ad that aired after Devery Henderson made a TD in the third quarter?

9.  HP Lovecraft would abhor the Old Spice ad that came on after number eight.

10.  Is Jeff Bridges talking about Hyundai?

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

5 thoughts on “NFL 2011: Packers start the Point

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Hi Daniel,

      Randomness is always welcome here at Sitting Pugs. Thanks for commenting. Are you a Green Bay or New Orleans fan? Or a fan of the NFL in general?

  1. Daniel Douglas

    I just love the NFL. Frankly, I hate both teams. The Packers beat Philly last year in the playoffs, and I hate the Saints because I’m secretly jealous of Reggie Bush. Football’s football though. I’d watch camels graze at mid field so long as they wore jerseys and NBC provided statistical overlays.

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      I hate the Saints because I’m secretly jealous of Reggie Bush.

      Luckily for you, Bush is no longer a Saint. Or…does it not matter that he’s now a Miami Dolphin because once a Saint always a Saint?

      I have grazing camels! But no adequate stats overlay.



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